March 22, 2019

A batch of sand washing machines is ready to send to Ethiopia.

A batch of sand washing machine including silica sand attrition scrubbers and flotation machines is ready to send to Ethiopia.
attrition scrubber
After 40 days of intensive production, the second batch of equipment for the silica sand processing plant in Ethiopia has been completed and ready to send to the engineering project site.
flotation machine
These equipment are mainly silica sand forced attrition scrubber and flotation machine, mainly used for the final purification of silica sand in the production line.

These equipment are customized for my quartz sand production line. After detailed communication with SINONINE, their technical department agreed to modify the equipment to suit my project operation. SINONINE has completed the design, manufacturing and test run of the equipment in such a short time. It's a great team.

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Widely used equipment in the sand washing plant for muddy water treatment and dewatering process mainly includes: dewatering screen, spiral classifier, hydrocyclone, filter press, ceramic filter, Rotary centrifuge ,desliming cone and so on.

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Recently, the production of Sinonine quartz sand processing and sand washing equipment is busy.

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A kind of environmental protection quartz sand pickling treatment method.

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This paper introduces in detail the process of processing high-purity quartz sand by using quartz gravel.

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