November 02, 2019

Sinonine has developed a high efficiency processing of high purity silica sand with low iron

Sinonine has developed a high efficiency processing of high purity silica sand with low iron, which can process quartz stone into quartz sand concentrate with iron content lower than 20ppm and SiO2 content higher than 99.9%.
Quartz sandstone is a consolidated clastic rock with quartz clastic content of more than 95%, which comes from various magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. The associated minerals are feldspar, mica and clay minerals, and the cement is mainly siliceous cementation. Quartz sandstone is the main material source of silica minerals for glass, ceramics, foundry and other industries. Because quartz sandstone contains impurities such as associated minerals and cements, it can be used industrially only after beneficiation and purification. In recent years, with the rapid development of glass industry and new energy industry, the amount of quartz sand is increasing, and there is a big lack in quartz sand for glass industry, which is far from meeting the needs of economic and social development and strategic emerging industries.

quartz sandstone
Sinonine has developed an advanced processing of high purity silica sand. The production process is as follows:

silica sand processing
The production steps include the following steps:

The quartz sand ore is crushed by jaw crusher, cone crusher and rod mill to prepare 40-150 mesh quartz sand.

2.magnetic separation

The primary iron removal of quartz sand was carried out by the magnetic drum separator, and then the high gradient magnetic separator with the magnetic field strength of 5000-18000 Gauss was used for further iron removal to obtain the coarse concentrate of quartz sand.
3. grinding

The coarse concentrate of quartz sand is grinded by ball mill; the coarse concentrate of quartz sand is grinded to - 200 mesh (passing 85%), or even for more than 90%.

The grinded quartz sand coarse concentrate is added into the slurry conditioning tanks, the quartz sand flotation reagent is added, and the slurry is mixed. The flotation reagent includes collector and frother. Add the collector and mixing for 4-20 minutes, and then add the frother. The collector is a combination collector, a mixture of mercaptobenzothiazole and isopropylxanthate acrylonitrile ester. The foaming reagent is 2 # oil or terpineol oil. The dosage of collector is 150-300g/t, and the dosage of foaming reagent is 50-100g g/t.

High purity silica sand concentrate with low iron is obtained by pumping the slurry of quartz sand coarse concentrate into flotation column for final cleaning.
Magnetic separation can remove most of the magnetic impurities in the silica sand. After magnetic separation, the coarse concentrate of silica sand is re-grinded, which can fully dissociate the impurities and minerals in it, so as to remove them through subsequent flotation operations. After magnetic separation, grinding is carried out, and most of the magnetic impurities are removed by magnetic separation, which can reduce the grinding materials and the energy consumption of grinding process. In addition, after grinding, the content of fine-grained slime in the coarse silica sand concentrate will increase, and grinding after magnetic separation can avoid the high content of slime in the magnetic separation process, which will affect the magnetic separation effect.
silica sand processing

In the flotation column, the material captured by the collector is spilled from the top with the foam, and the material that is not captured is discharged with the underflow.
The flotation column has better effect on the collection of fine minerals. After grinding the quartz sand coarse concentrate to -200 mesh for more than 85% or even more than 90%, the impurity minerals are fully dissociated, and the collector can be fully captured by the collector so as to follow the foam overflow to remove, thereby improving the grade of quartz sand concentrate.
In this production process, the quartz sand is purified by magnetic separation, regrinding and flotation column cleaning, which can greatly reduce the content of iron and other impurities in the quartz sand concentrate and produce the quartz sand concentrate with high purity and low iron. By using flotation column and combined collector to carry out flotation, the concentrate grade can be significantly improved and the impurity content can be reduced. The quartz sand purification process of this production process has the advantages of high concentrate grade, low energy consumption, low reagent consumption, large processing capacity and low process cost.

Suggestion: before using this production process, it is necessary to test the quartz sand raw materials, determine the reasonable experimental indicators, and then develop a reasonable process flow. Sinonine can provide the whole process service.

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