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15 Jun 2021

The season of continuous spring rain will still have a serious impact on the production of quartz sand.

10 Jun 2021

In the sand washing plant, if we want to produce high-purity quartz sand, we need to choose the right raw materials, so how to determine the raw materials of high-purity quartz sand?

07 Jun 2021

Due to its superior properties, spherical quartz powder is widely used in high-tech fields such as integrated circuit copper clad laminate, epoxy plastic sealant, aerospace, fine chemical industry and daily cosmetics.

05 Jun 2021

Therefore, most of the colored quartz sands we see on the market are artificially dyed.

03 Jun 2021

ICP detection technology is an important support and component of high purity quartz technology, which has not only practical significance but also theoretical significance to promote the development of high purity quartz technology in China

02 Jun 2021

It is necessary to strengthen the mineralogy, petrology and mineralogy of high-purity quartz mineral resources, focus on the process mineralogy characteristics of raw materials, such as chemical composition, useful minerals (quartz), harmful

01 Jun 2021

The processing technology of high purity quartz sand washing plant usually includes complex processes such as calcination, water quenching, classification, magnetic separation, flotation, acid leaching, cleaning and chlorination roasting.

31 May 2021

The processing technology of high-purity quartz sand mainly includes classification, scrubbing, chemical acid leaching, flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation, chlorination roasting and microbial leaching.

29 May 2021

Ultra white glass is a kind of ultra transparent glass, also known as low iron glass, colorless glass, high transparent glass, etc.

28 May 2021

Most of the hydraulic graders in sand washing plants adopt the automatic control system, which has achieved good results.

27 May 2021

After years of application in sand washing plant, the hydraulic classifier has achieved good economic and social benefits.

26 May 2021

Natural quartz sand needs to be treated by fracturing sand washing plant before it can become qualified fracturing quartz sand.

25 May 2021

Fracturing sand washing plant is generally divided into five stages, namely sand mining stage, sand pre screening stage, sand washing classification stage, fine sand drying stage and finished product screening and packaging stage.

24 May 2021

Sinonine has developed a centrifugal dehydrator, which can remove the acid water of the acid washed quartz sand quickly, and can also be used for the conventional dehydration of quartz sand.

23 May 2021

In order to improve the efficiency of iron removal, the magnetic separation of quartz sand with particle size of more than 60 mesh and less than 180 mesh is strengthened, which can effectively reduce the content of iron impurities in quartz

22 May 2021

There are few raw materials that can directly produce high-purity silica powder, so it is very important to prepare high-purity silica powder from quartz sandstone for the development and utilization of quartz sandstone resources.

21 May 2021

The main quality indexes of transparent quartz glass are purity and bubbles, which require quartz sand to have very low impurity and gas content.

20 May 2021

The main method to remove crystal lattice impurities of quartz sand is chlorination roasting process

19 May 2021

In the raw quartz sand, the pure quartz sand is white or milky white, and the color of iron bearing impurities or gangue minerals is yellowish, light yellow or light brown and gray. The color difference between quartz sand and iron bearing i

18 May 2021

The main drying machines of quartz sand are rotary dryer, hot air convection dryer, fluidized bed dryer, infrared dryer and microwave dryer.

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