March 23, 2021

Instructions for spiral sand washer

Spiral sand washer can be divided into single spiral sand washer and double spiral sand washer. The spiral sand washer mainly agitates the quartz sand through the spiral device, so that the soil and water in the quartz sand are mixed and discharged from the overflow port, so as to realize the cleaning and screening effect of quartz sand. It is widely used in the washing, classification, impurity removal and dehydration of glass sand, casting sand, high-purity sand, construction sand and other industries especially in sand washing plant.
spiral sand washer
Structure of spiral sand washer

The spiral sand washer is a spiral type, mainly composed of the following parts.
Ⅰ.Transmission device of spiral sand washer
Including motor, big and small pulley, V-belt and reducer;
Ⅱ.Spiral assembly of spiral sand washer
It includes spiral shaft, blade and liner. The spiral shaft is turned to right, the blade is solid, and the liner can be made of wear-resistant cast iron or polyurethane. When the liner plate is worn to be unable to use, it is possible to remove and replace the new liner. The liner plate is connected with the blade by bolts and nuts. The connection with the blade is installed on the forward side of the spiral, overlapping with the blade, so that the blade can be protected. The spiral shaft is hollow shaft, and the two shafts are welded with flange, which are connected with the upper support and the lower support respectively to meet the washing, grading and dewatering operation of silica sand.
spiral sand washer
Ⅲ. Lower support of spiral sand washer
The lower end of the spiral is below the water line in the water tank and supported by the lower support. The axial force of the spiral is borne by the rolling bearing in the upper support. The lower support does not bear the axial force but only the radial force. The support is installed outside the lower end of the water tank.
spiral sand washer
Ⅳ.Water tank of spiral sand washer
The water tank consists of tank body, left and right overflow weirs and feeding box. The tank body is made of steel plate welded into an impermeable structure. The left and right overflow weirs and feeding boxes are connected with the tank body by bolts. The joint is lined with rubber plate for sealing. The bottom surface of the inner side of the tank body is provided with an arc-shaped material guide platform, which maintains an appropriate gap with the outer edge of the spiral upper lining plate, so as to facilitate the sand to move forward. The corresponding surface is a drainage ditch, and the sand flows out The water is discharged from the spiral, so that the water does not flow to the material behind in the process of pushing sand and dehydration. The overflow weir is equipped with an adjusting plate whose height can be adjusted to change the entry speed of the cleaning water, increase the water head and change the overflow speed of the cleaning water, so as to expand the cleaning area. According to the needs of classification, the finer particles can be removed. The other function is to provide compensation when the position of the water tank is inclined due to the installation error of the assembly. The sand materials that need to be washed, dehydrated and graded enter into the tank body through the feed box. The feed box is equipped with an outer baffle, which can effectively control the material flow, reduce the flow rate, make the sand in the tank evenly distributed, and reduce the flow, which is conducive to the maintenance of fine particles. The double spiral sand washer does not need left and right overflow weirs and feed boxes.
spiral sand washer
Working principle of spiral sand washer
When the spiral sand washer is working, the material forms sedimentation in the lower part of the inclined water tank, the head of the spiral is submerged into the sedimentation tank, the spiral is driven by the motor through the reducer to rotate, and the cleaning water is fed into the porous plate at the bottom of the sedimentation tank, so as to complete the three functions of washing, dewatering and classification.
The silica sand enter into the sedimentation tank. Under the action of rotating spiral, the silica sand will roll and rub against each other to remove the impurities on the surface of the sand. At the same time, the water-air layer covering the sand particles will be destroyed to facilitate dehydration. The cleaning water entering from the porous plate will form an upward flow, which will bring the sand particles with small specific gravity and other impurities to the water surface and flow out through the overflow weir to complete the washing function.
spiral sand washer
The sand particles with larger specific gravity sink into the bottom of the tank. On one side of the bending plate at the bottom of the tank, the silica sand are pushed upward by spiral. Because the length of the tank is beyond the lower water line, but there is a suitable length, in the process of upward pushing, the excess water in the sand is removed. The water discharged from the drainage ditch on the other side of the tank bottom flows into the sedimentation tank, and the silica sand are discharged from the upper end of the tank.
The classification of sand materials is realized by spilling the fine particles that do not meet the standard requirements out of the weir. The control method is to adjust the height of the weir and the spiral speed.

For details and price of spiral sand washer, please consult sinonine technical team, and you will get pertinent suggestions.

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