March 24, 2021

How to choose sand washer?

As an important equipment of sand and gravel cleaning, the sand washing machine is more and more widely used in sand washing plant. So how do customers choose the right sand washer? How to buy a suitable sand washer?
sand washer
Common sand washing machines include bucket wheel type sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine and all in one sand washing machine. Different models of sand washing machines have different capacity. Users should reasonably choose sand washing machine equipment according to their own production needs.
spiral sand washer
If the sand is not clean enough, it can not be used as finished sand to industry, so how to choose sand washing machines?
Before purchasing sand washer equipment, users should understand the actual situation of the production line, such as production capacity, discharge particle size, stone powder content requirements, etc., and select the appropriate model of sand washer, which can not only meet the production requirements, but also achieve their own sand washing goals. Generally, the bucket wheel sand washer is mostly used for cleaning large grain quartz sand, and has no dehydration function. The spiral sand washer is suitable for cleaning coarse sand and fine sand, and has dehydration function. The all in one sand washer can recover fine grain sand while washing sand, so as to prevent the loss of fine grain flow.
all in one sand washer
Before purchasing the sand washer, we should make a visit to the sand washer manufacturer to investigate the production quality, services, production process and after-sales terms of the equipment, and visit the actual production line to understand the use effect of the sand washer.
After the sand washer is purchased, the sand washer manufacturer will carry out transportation and delivery. The user should pay attention to the transportation status in the whole process, and timely make appropriate arrangements for the problems in the transportation process, so as to avoid missing parts and other problems.
After receiving the sand washer, we need to prepare the installation work of the sand washer. According to the actual situation of the site, we need to measure and select the appropriate installation scheme. After the installation, we need to test run the sand washer. After the test run is correct, the equipment can be put into normal production. In the later stage, we need to regularly maintain and inspect the sand washer.

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