March 30, 2021

How to solve the material blocking problem of screw sand washer?

As an indispensable sand washing machine in sand washing plant, screw sand washer plays an important role in reducing the mud and improving the quality of sand. Once the sand washer breaks down in production for some reasons, it will have a great bad affect on the work efficiency of the whole sand washing production line.
screw sand washing machine
The blockage of inlet and outlet is a common fault in the production process of screw sand washer. It should master the methods to check the causes of the fault and the solutions, so as to solve it in time when the fault occurs. Here are the reasons and solutions for the blockage of the inlet and outlet of the sand washer provided by SINONINE.
1. The outlet of screw sand washer is blocked.
If the outlet is blocked, the sand can not be discharged from the sand washer smoothly. If the sand washer has been overstocked, the material in the equipment will be blocked, and finally the material can not be fed. If the inlet of the sand washer is blocked due to this situation, the operation of the sand washer should be stopped immediately, the accumulated materials at the outlet should be cleaned up, and then the machine should be started.
screw sand washer
2. Too fast feeding at the feed port results in the blockage of the sand washer
Each screw sand washer has its own production capacity. According to the power consumption per hour, the processing capacity is clearly specified. If the feeding speed of the feed port is too fast, the sand washing speed of the sand washer can not keep up with the feeding speed, then the material plug will occur at the feed port of the sand washer. If the feed port of the sand washer is blocked due to this situation, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the excess raw materials accumulated at the feed port should be cleaned first, and then the conveying speed of the feed conveyor belt should be reduced to the correct feeding speed.
screw sand washer
3. In addition, the blockage of the inlet and outlet of the sand washer is also related to the water content of the sand. In some cases, due to the excessive mud content of sand material, it is very easy to adhere to the inlet under the action of water. If it is not cleaned regularly, the inlet may be blocked. The effective way to avoid this situation is to control the water content of sand and clean up the adhesive materials at the inlet in time.

If you encounter any technical problems in the process of using the sand washer, please contact us for help, and SINONINE will solve them for you in time.

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