April 07, 2021

Installation and debugging of dewatering screen

In the sand washing plant, after the sand is cleaned by screw sand washer or bucket wheel sand washing machine, the dewatering screen is often used to clean and dehydrate the sand for the second time, which can further improve the quality of the sand. Therefore, in the sand washing plant, sand washer and dewatering screen are often used together to improve the quality of sand and create better economic benefits.
dewatering screen
SINONINE dewatering screen is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection sand washing machine. SINONINE dewatering screen has the characteristics of good dewatering effect, high screening accuracy, long service life, small floor area, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. It is widely used for dewatering of wet materials in coal preparation, mineral processing, sand making, salt making, sugar making, electric power and other industries. It is very important to install and debug the dewatering screen correctly. The following steps are for the installation and debugging of the dewatering screen, so that users can successfully complete the installation and debugging work after purchasing the dewatering screen and carry out the production in time.
dewatering screen
1. Place the machine on a flat and solid level ground (concrete or steel structure ground), install the anchor bolts and fasten them.
2. When installing the screen body, the four legs are perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The damping spring is sheathed in the upper and lower spring seats, and the spring should enter the spring coil to ensure that it is vertical and not twisted.
3. There is 50-100 mm space around the dewatering screen, and the vibrating part of the screen machine shall not have any rigid connection or contact with other objects outside the machine.
4.Two vibration motors are connected in parallel, power on, and press the start button (the machine can be started directly) to make the two vibration motors rotate in the opposite direction synchronously.
dewatering screen
5. The power supply should be reliably grounded.
6. Adjust the exciting force of dewatering screen. The eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibrating motor of the dewatering screen can be adjusted. After no-load test run before leaving factory, all parameters have been debugged, and generally do not need to be adjusted after installation. If it is necessary to change the amplitude, increase or decrease the coincidence degree of two eccentric blocks at the same end of the same vibration motor, the vibration force will decrease or increase. Special attention: the adjustment angles of the four pairs of eccentric blocks of the two vibration motors should be consistent, and the clamping bolts of the movable eccentric blocks should be tightened after adjustment.
7. Installation and replacement of slot welded sieve plate. The slot welded sieve plate is introduced into the sieve box from the discharge end, and is fastened by polyurethane strip, polyurethane wedge block and pressing frame angle iron. After the sieve plate is installed, use a small hammer to drive the small end of the polyurethane wedge into the angle iron of the pressing frame along the discharging direction until the sieve plate is compressed. When thesieve plate is disassembled and replaced, the polyurethane wedge block is hammered reversely to make it separate from the pressing frame angle iron, and the sieve plate is taken out from the discharge end.
dewatering screen
8. In order to improve this situation and shorten the time of passing through the resonance area, the electric braking device can be connected.

Dewatering screen is a kind of vibration equipment, which has relatively strict requirements for installation and commissioning. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the installation and commissioning specifications of dewatering screen. If there are difficulties in installation, commissioning and use, you can contact SINONINE for help.

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