April 21, 2021

Application of silicon powder in electronics

Silicon powder is a kind of powder material which is made of purified quartz sand after ultra-fine processing. After impurity removal in the sand washing plant, the raw quartz sand is dried and then put into the silicon powder grinding system to obtain ultra-fine silicon powder with a fineness of 300 mesh to 2000 mesh. Silicon powder is widely used, the most common of which is in the electronic industry.
silicon powder
The application of silicon powder in the electronic industry is mainly reflected in the following points.
1.Epoxy molding compound (EMC)
The electronic devices in electronic products are usually packaged with epoxy molding compound (EMC), and the filler components such as silicon powder can make the epoxy molding compound obtain high cost performance. Crystalline silicon powder, fused silicon powder series products powder materials can be used as excellent filler.
Spherical silicon powder is widely used in high-end semiconductor device packaging because of its high filling, high flow, low wear and low stress. It can also be used as epoxy plastic sealant for narrow gap packaging, filler for liquid packaging resin such as underfiller and globe top, and filler for various resin substrates.
In addition, the rounded crystalline silicon powder can provide excellent thermal conductivity for fully encapsulated and high thermal conductive epoxy molding compounds.
2.Copper clad laminate (CCL)
Copper clad laminate (CCL) is often used as substrate in printed circuit boards of electronic products, and adding ultrafine silicon powder as filler can improve CTE, heat resistance and reliability of CCL.
Ultrafine crystalline silicon powder and soft composite silicon powder are common filler for CCL; Molten silicon powder can be used as filler for low DK CCL
Spherical silicon powder can be used as high filler to provide excellent performance for low DK CCL and IC carrier.
3.Printed circuit board ink
Printed circuit board ink is a necessary protective material for printed circuit board. Ultra fine crystalline silicon powder can provide ideal scratch resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, chemical resistance and long-term reliability protection for PCB.
4.Epoxy encapsulant
The capacitance, resistance and other devices in electronic products are packaged with epoxy encapsulant. Fused silica powder is a common component of epoxy encapsulant.
5.Electronic potting adhesive
The power supply and other components in electronic products are often sealed with epoxy or silicone electronic potting adhesive. Crystalline silicon powder, molten silicon powder and spherical silicon powder can be selected as fillers according to the consideration of thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, viscosity and cost.
6.Thermal interface material (TIM)
Thermal management of electronic products is very necessary. Thermal interface material (TIM) can fill the air gap caused by the unevenness of the contact surface of electronic product components, so as to improve the heat dissipation capacity. Thermal conductive gasket or thermal conductive silicone grease are common thermal interface materials, and high thermal conductive fillers such as crystalline silicon powder and spherical aluminum oxide powder are important components of thermal conductive gasket or thermal conductive silicone grease.
The above is the application of silicon powder in electronic devices. With the vigorous development of the electronic industry, the use of silicon powder will be more and more widely, and the processing requirements of silicon powder will be higher and higher. Sinonine is specialized in silicon powder processing for many years, and can provide a full set of silicon powder production lines to meet the requirements of the majority of silicon powder production enterprises.
silicon powder making production line

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