May 24, 2021

Special centrifugal dehydrator for quartz sand

In the sand washing plant, dehydration and deacidation is an important production process. Sinonine has developed a centrifugal dehydrator, which can remove the acid water of the acid washed quartz sand quickly, and can also be used for the conventional dehydration of quartz sand.
The special centrifugal dehydrator for quartz sand has the advantages of low water content (5-8%), continuous and controllable production, large output, low operation cost, stable operation, low noise, wear resistance and corrosion resistance (304 or 316L stainless steel is used for the main body, alumina zirconium, polyurethane and other materials are used for the parts in contact with materials).
centrifugal dehydrator for quartz sand
The centrifuge dehydrator can be used to dehydrate quartz sand before drying for glass sand washing plant and slab sand production line. In the ordinary quartz sand production process, the moisture content of dehydrated quartz sand before entering the sand dryer is still 12-15%, and the moisture content can be reduced to 5-8% after using the centrifugal dehydrator, which can greatly reduce the drying cost. The production design of glass sand and slab sand can be simplified, workshop oriented, centralized control intelligent, and the continuity and controllability of production are improved.
The centrifuge dehydrator can also be used for deacidification and dehydration of quartz sand after acid pickling. The centrifuge can directly remove the quartz sand containing acid to 5-8%, and then use another centrifuge to mix the quartz sand and water to about 1:1 and dilute them to 5-8%, which can greatly shorten the deacidification and dehydration time of quartz sand, reduce the consumption and cost of acid Improve the cleanliness of quartz sand after pickling.
centrifugal dehydrator for quartz sand
Specification of centrifuge dehydrator
Model WTS1-800 WTS2-630 WTS2-820
Drum diameter(mm) 800 560/630 720/800
Filtering area length(mm) 400 240/240 240/320
Max. rotary speed(r/min) 700 1000 800
Separation factor 220 350 286
Pushing stroke(mm) 40 50 50
Power(Kw) 18.5 37 55
Capacity (tph) 8-10 15-20 25-30
Weight (kg) 4000 5200 7800
Dimension(mm) 2270x1780x1400 3690x1600x1265 3700x1800x1450

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