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01 Apr 2021

Among many sand washing machines, SINONINE screw sand washer is one of the best one.

31 Mar 2021

Extending the service life of sand washing machine can ensure its normal operation for a long time as far as possible, so as to create more value.

30 Mar 2021

Here are the reasons and solutions for the blockage of the inlet and outlet of the sand washer provided by SINONINE.

29 Mar 2021

The following describes several ways to remove rust for sand washing machine.

28 Mar 2021

The common sand washing machines of Sinonine are screw sand washer(spiral sand washing) and wheel(bucket) sand washer. These two kinds of sand washing machines are very different in structure and application.

27 Mar 2021

The spiral sand washing machine produced by Sinonine has the characteristics of low power consumption and high sand washing cleanliness in similar products.

25 Mar 2021

The higher the mud content in the sand, the greater the water consumption. How much water does the sand washing production line need?

24 Mar 2021

As an important equipment of sand and gravel cleaning, the sand washing machine is more and more widely used in sand washing plant. So how do customers choose the right sand washer? How to buy a suitable sand washer?

23 Mar 2021

Spiral sand washer can be divided into single spiral sand washer and double spiral sand washer.

22 Mar 2021

In the sand making production line and sand washing plant , the sand washing machine is generally required to wash the final sand. This is because the material itself and in the crushing process will contain soil, fine powder and other impur

19 Mar 2021

In the sand washing plant,the spiral sand washing machine is suitable for fine and ultrafine sand washing,the bucket wheel sand washer is suitable for coarse sand washing.

18 Mar 2021

spiral sand washer is the key washing equipment in sand washing plant.

17 Mar 2021

The high-efficiency and multi-function spiral sand washing machine is designed with energy saving and environment protectional. The spiral sand washer is composed of spiral blades, water tank and adjust devices, with the characteristics of w

26 Nov 2020

The requirement of float-glass fine sand particle size is 0.1-0.5mm, the iron content of fine sand is below 600ppm, and the SiO2 content is above 98%. The specific production process of the line is as follows

02 Nov 2020

Due to the large amount of sludge and other wastes, the sewage after sand washing needs to be treated before it can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

04 Mar 2020

As the executive part of VSI sand making machine, the service life of the rotor directly determines the maintenance cycle and startup rate of the equipment.

03 Mar 2020

Spiral sand washing machine is an important equipment which is used to washing sand or dewatering.

01 Mar 2020

Sand washing machine is one of important equipments in sand washing plant.

29 Feb 2020

Attrition scrubber as one of the hot-sale machines in sand washing plant.

26 Feb 2020

Widely used equipment in the sand washing plant for muddy water treatment and dewatering process mainly includes: dewatering screen, spiral classifier, hydrocyclone, filter press, ceramic filter, Rotary centrifuge ,desliming cone and so on.

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