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20 May 2021

The main method to remove crystal lattice impurities of quartz sand is chlorination roasting process

19 May 2021

In the raw quartz sand, the pure quartz sand is white or milky white, and the color of iron bearing impurities or gangue minerals is yellowish, light yellow or light brown and gray. The color difference between quartz sand and iron bearing i

18 May 2021

The main drying machines of quartz sand are rotary dryer, hot air convection dryer, fluidized bed dryer, infrared dryer and microwave dryer.

17 May 2021

Acid concentration, time, temperature, acid washing, process and equipment are the main factors affecting the silica sand pickling effect.

16 May 2021

Silicon micro powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free inorganic non-metallic material, which is made of natural quartz or fused quartz by crushing, ball milling, flotation, acid washing purification, high-purity water tre

15 May 2021

Acid flotation method is the main separation method of feldspar and quartz flotation, which is about pH = 2 -3, using mixed collector of cation and anion to float feldspar preferentially.

14 May 2021

With the continuous popularization and application of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator in glass sand washing plant and feldspar beneficiation, as well as the deepening development of pickling, flotation and other technologies,

13 May 2021

The hindered settling hydraulic classifier is used to grade coarse-grained minerals (0.71mm) and has achieved good results in the application of sand washing plant.

12 May 2021

The following is the quartz sand pickling wastewater treatment scheme mastered by Sinonine, which has achieved good results.

11 May 2021

Dewatering screen can play a great role in the dry discharge of tailings in the concentrator.

10 May 2021

Quartz sand filter media is used to intercept particles such as colloid of suspended substances in water. Drinking water and sewage flow through quartz sand layer.

09 May 2021

In the sand washing plant, the main function of the dewatering screen is to clean, dewatering and classifying the sand. It can recover a large amount of fine sand lost by the sand washing machine, and quickly dehydrate the quartz sand concen

08 May 2021

The most direct index to measure the purity of high purity quartz sand is the content of alkali metals, key transition elements, aluminum and boron in raw materials.

07 May 2021

The methods of removing film iron from silica sand mainly include scrubbing, ultrasonic and pickling.

06 May 2021

Refractory material is mainly composed of quartz sand, which is a necessary material for various induction furnace lining used in metal smelting.

05 May 2021

In the sand washing plant, quartz sand tailings include the waste residue in quartz mining, tailings and tailings mud in the process of processing, of which the tailings account for the vast majority.

04 May 2021

Dewatering is very important for quartz sand plant. Dewatering is an important part of sand washing plant.

03 May 2021

The main methods of purifying quartz sand in sand washing plant can be divided into physical methods and chemical methods.

02 May 2021

How to reasonably design the water circuit and how to reuse the water produced in each section of the sand washing plant after treatment are very important issues.

01 May 2021

In the sand washing plant, from the raw quartz ore to the production of qualified quartz sand concentrate, generally through crushing, grinding, classification, washing, desliming, magnetic separation, flotation, thickening, drying and othe

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