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06 Oct 2019

In this paper, the raw materials and production process of high purity fused quartz sand are described in detail, which can provide technical reference for high purity fused quartz sand production enterprises.

04 Oct 2019

In this paper, a production solution of high purity quartz sand is presented.

03 Oct 2019

The preparation method of surface modification of quartz sand by silane coupling agent is introduced in this paper.

01 Oct 2019

This blog introduces the production and purification technology of high-purity quartz sand and high-purity ultra-fine quartz powder, so that their products can be applied in the fields of chip, monocrystalline silicon, optical fiber cable, m

29 Sep 2019

This paper mainly discusses a method of sand making, which can effectively recover the fine powder produced in the production process, in order to maximize the utilization of resources.

22 Sep 2019

This articel introduces a highly efficient method for refining quartz powder, which is suitable for the manufacture of quartz glass containers and drill moulds necessary for semiconductor industry.

17 Sep 2019

This paper provides a sand washing plant of extracting quartz sand from river sedimentary sand, which can protect the environment and improve economic benefits.

12 Sep 2019

In sand washing plant,quartz sand flotation is an important method for purifying quartz sand.

05 Sep 2019

This article describes a sand washing plant for low expansion foundry sand.

02 Sep 2019

This article shares an efficient dry method sand making technology and sand making equipment adopted.

28 Aug 2019

The sinonine team has invented sand washing plant of removing iron from quartz sand through continuous exploration.

09 Jul 2019

The construction of Asian silica sand washing plant EPC project is going well. Recently, the engineering and plant design of the Asian silica sand production line project has been completed, and the complete set of equipment has arrived at the constru

07 Jun 2019

Our high gradient magnetic separator operates well in every silica sand production site Recently, our technical staff visited some silica sand production sites to verify the working situation and operation of the high gradient magnetic sepa

29 May 2019

Our company conducts quartz sand project analysis for a customer in Indonesia. Recently, Indonesia customer sent our company a group of pictures and videos about the quartz rock from his mine. From the preliminary data, the raw quartz rock

10 May 2019

The frac sand washing plant has been running smoothly for one year

30 Apr 2019

The silica sand flotation machine ordered by Indonesia has completed main spindle assembly.

07 Apr 2019

A batch of wheel type sand washer is orderly production.

22 Mar 2019

A batch of silica sand attrition scrubbers and flotation machines is ready to send to Ethiopia

05 Mar 2019

Recently, the complete set of equipment of 20tph glass sand production line has been completed.

26 Feb 2019

Two conditioning tanks ordered by Africa customer are normal production.

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