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Performance index of oil fracturing sand

The content of SiO2 in quartz sand is closely related to its grain size. Generally, the larger the grain size is, the higher the SiO2 content is. As a kind of fracturing quartz sand used for petroleum support, the SiO2 content of ordinary fracturing sand is about 80%, and there are a small amount of feldspar, chert, other extrusive rock and metamorphic rock cuttings in the sand. The SiO2 content of high-quality fracturing sand is more than 98%. Natural quartz sand needs to be treated by fracturing sand washing plant before it can become qualified fracturing quartz sand.
frac sand
SiO2 content is not the only standard for the quality of fractured quartz sand. In the oil industry, the quality of fracturing sand has the following criteria.
1.Sphericity and roundness of fracturing sand
Sphericity refers to the degree that the fractured quartz sand is nearly spherical. Roundness refers to the degree that the cross section of fractured sand is close to roundness. Roundness can be understood as "roundness". The sharper the particle edges are, the worse the roundness is; The edges and corners are smooth, and the roundness is good. The sphericity and roundness of fractured quartz sand should not be less than 0.6.
2.Acid solubility of fracturing sand
Acid solubility refers to the percentage of fracturing sand dissolved by acid under specified acid solution in required reaction conditions. Acid resistance is an important index of fracturing sand. Quartz sand with good acid resistance can work in acid rock for a longer time and maintain good conductivity.
3.Turbidity of fractured sand
After adding a certain amount of fracturing sand into distilled water and shaking for a certain period of time, the turbidity of the liquid is measured in FTU. Turbidity mainly reflects the surface smoothness of fracturing sand, and the turbidity of quartz sand for fracturing should not be higher than 100FTU.
4. Fracture resistance of fractured sand
The fracture rate of fractured sand under rated pressure reflects the anti breaking ability of fracturing sand. The main factors affecting the crushing rate are roundness, spheroidity, surface finish and microstructure of fractured quartz sand. The fracture rate of fractured quartz sand affects the conductivity of oil fracture.
5.Bulk density and apparent density of fractured quartz sand
The bulk density of the fractured quartz sand is the weight per unit volume (g/cm3), which reflects the overall density of the fractured sand. The main factors affecting bulk density are apparent density, roundness, sphericity and surface finish.
The apparent density of fractured quartz sand is the weight of proppant per unit particle volume (g/cm3). The main factors affecting apparent density of fracturing sand are phase composition, structure and porosity. For different density of fractured quartz sand, the test indexes are different.
sand washing plant
In summary, the performance requirements of Oil fracturing quartz sand are as follows: uniform particle size and low density; High strength and low crushing rate; High roundness and sphericity; The impurity content is low; It has a wide range of sources and low price.

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