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Plate magnetic separator

Plate  magnetic separator is a high gradient, high field strength permanent magnetic separation equipment, which can effectively remove iron from quartz sand and non-metallic ore. The equipment is reliable, cheap in cost and convenient in operation. It is widely used in quartz sand production line. It can also be used in the wet separation of  various weak magnetic metallic ores such as feldspar, nephrite, kaolinite, red ore (hematite, limonite, siderite, etc.), manganese ore, ilmenite and wolframite and separation of black and white tungsten, black tungsten and cassiterite, etc.
plate magnetic separator

Features of plate magnetic separator

1. The equipment adopts high performance Nd-fe-b permanent magnet material with professional magnetic circuit design, and magnetic field strength up to 15000 gauss;
2. The equipment is simple in structure, without complex electrical control, and suitable for various environments;
3. The uniform flow swept area in the magnetic field area is large, which increases the contact area of materials and magnetic field and the frequency of tumbling in magnetic field. Compared with magnetic separators with the same magnetic strength, it greatly saves power consumption and reduces operation cost.

Working principle  of plate magnetic separator
Under the action of gravity, the slurry flows down along the inclined direction of the magnetic plate. Under the action of the strong magnetic force of the magnetic plate, the ferromagnetic materials in the slurry are absorbed on the unloading belt, and the unloading belt moves upward along the inclined direction of the magnetic plate driven by the motor, and the absorbed ferromagnetic materials are brought into the unloading area.The ferromagnetic materials enter the tailings bucket with the flush water and then discharge. The non-magnetic slurry flows down the magnetic plate and flows into the concentrate bucket.

Specification  of plate magnetic separator
Model Capacity
magnetic intensity(GS) Slurry concentration Belt speed
Power(kw) Weight
(L×W×H) (mm)
JHFM-815 8-10 15000 10%-30% 2-8 1.1 1.2 1500x800x800
JHFM-1020 10-15 15000 10%-30% 2-8 1.5 1.6 2000x1000x1000
JHFM-1520 15-20 15000 10%-30% 2-8 2.2 3 2000x1500x1500
JHFM-1530 20-25 15000 10%-30% 2-8 3 3.6 3000x1500x1500
JHFM-2025 25-30 15000 10%-30% 2-8 4 4.5 2500x2000x1500
JHFM-2030 30-35 15000 10%-30% 2-8 5.5 5.6 3000x2000x1600

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Comments and suggestions

The structure of the plate magnetic separator is simple, but very efficient, the effect of iron removal can be achieved at the lowest cost. The magnetic field intensity of the plate type magnetic separator produced by Sinonine is very high, which is very good for removing iron from non-metallic materials such as quartz sand. The cooperation between Sinonine and me is based on the trust in its technology and good after-sales service, which can provide me with a good guarantee for the whole project. At present, this plate type magnetic separator has been running for many years without any fault. It is a very stable equipment and plays an irreplaceable role in the operation of the production line.

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