Silica sand processing solutions

Sinonine can provides quartz/silica sand production line EPC service. Through one-stop solution of quartz/silica sand production line turnkey project service, we ensure the smooth operation of customers' quartz/silica sand processing plant. We will provide efficient, scientific and economic services for customers, safeguard customers' investment and income, and develop and progress together with customers.

Silica sand processing and washing plant

Run of mine of silica sand needs to be processing and washing to remove impurities, such as iron, aluminum trioxide, mica,etc.,so as to meet different industrial use.

High purity silica sand processing

Quartz raw ore or quartz sand needs to be purified to remove impurities,so as to obtain high purity quartz sand which SiO2 content can reach 99.9% or higher,

Quartz stone slab sand processing

Some high-grade quartz raw materials can be processed in a series of processes to produce qualified silica sand for quartz slabs.

Silica sand washing plant

The silica sand washing plant will remove the soil and other impurities that affect the quality of silica sand.

Glass sand washing plant

This production line purifies quartz sand and produces raw materials suitable for glass production, such as float glass, quartz glass, photovoltaic glass, etc.

Frac sand washing plant

Silica sand is processed through a series of technical processes to obtain conventional frac sand that meets the requirements of oil proppant.

Construction sand making plant

Qualified construction sand can be obtained through some process such as crushing, screening, conveying, washing processing ec.

Quartz sand powder making plant

This production line can obtain silica sand powder with uniform particle fineness and avoidpossible iron pollution.

Silica sand flotation

Flotation is an important way to obtain high purity silica sand,the aluminum oxide, mica and other non-magnetic materials embedded in the silica sand can be completely removed.

Silica sand magnetic separation

This magnetic separation production line can remove mechanical iron, coated iron, strong magnetic and weak magnetic iron materials in silica sand.

Silica sand classifying

This system classify the silica sand to the required particle size range, and at the same time to improve the product yield and reduce the loss rate of the finished product.

Silica sand drying

This drying production line can reduce the water content in silica sand to be below 0.5% or so.

Quartz sand pickling processing

Acid pickling of silica sand is an effective method to obtain ultra-white high purity quartz sand.

Silica sand dry process production

The required silica sand products can be obtained through dry process production in some water-deficient areas.

Silica sand color sorting

Variegated impurities can be removed by color sorting machine to obtain high-grade silica sand products.

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