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Silica sand flotation

In silica sand processing and sand washing plant, flotation is an important way to obtain high purity silica sand. Through flotation, not only the residual weak magnetic iron in silica sand can be removed, but also the aluminum oxide, mica and other non-magnetic materials embedded in the silica sand can be removed, thus making the silica sand more pure. According to the production characteristics of silica sand, Sinonine develops high efficiency and low cost of special flotation reagents, combined with scrubbing, reagents mixing, coarse particle flotation process, the high purity silica sand products can be obtained and silica sand purity can reach above 99.9%.
silica sand flotation flowsheet
Features of silica sand flotation process
1. Adopt coarse particle flotation machine, especially for silica sand materials;
2. Reverse flotation impurity removal process, high flotation efficiency;
3. Special flotation reagents to ensure the flotation effect;
4. Low energy consumption and low operation cost of the production line;
5. Arrange water treatment system to avoid pollution discharge
The technical process of silica sand flotation 
After the classification silica sand slurry enters into the efficient conditioning tank to be fully mixed with flotation reagents, and then enters into the coarse particle flotation machine for flotation, the impurities from flotation are discharged into tailings pond by froth scraper of flotation machine for water treatment and then discharged, the silica sand slurry sinking into the tank of the flotation machine enters the spiral sand washer for dewatering process, then the residual flotation reagent is separated from the silica sand by a strong attrition scrubber, again through spiral sand washer to remove reagents, finally high purity silica sand is obtained.

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Sinonine quartz/silica sand equipment is first-class, a small set of quartz sand production line has solved me many problems, they not only provide high quality equipment, also provides a great help in the subsequent production. Special flotation agent is the core technology, they unreservedly give us the technical details, to help us produce high purity quartz sand products.Sinonine's technology and equipment are well integrated.

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