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The two flotation machines used for sand washing plant are currently in smooth production.

The two flotation machines used for sand washing plant of silica sand purification are currently in smooth production.
flotation machine
These two GF flotation machines were ordered by Indian customer, which are used to upgrade the existing silica sand processing plant and further purify to obtain higher purity silica sand. The tank and the agitator impeller are made of stainless steel. We are fully aware of the importance of these two flotation machines for the upgrading of customer production line.Excellent production and strict quality control are required to ensure the production schedule. At present, the assembly of one flotation machine has been completed, the tank of another has been completed, and the rotor of it is being assembled.
flotation machine impeller

I investigated the excellent performance of SINONINE stainless steel flotation machine in the production of quartz sand, and decided to give the order of this core quartz-sand purification equipment to them. SINONINE timely feedback the equipment production situation, and the quality control in each stage is very strict, I firmly believe that these two equipment can have excellent performance.

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Due to its superior properties, spherical quartz powder is widely used in high-tech fields such as integrated circuit copper clad laminate, epoxy plastic sealant, aerospace, fine chemical industry and daily cosmetics.

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