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High gradient magnetic separator


Vertical high gradient magnetic separator is widely used for weak magnetic metal ore such as hematite, limonite, siderite, chromites, wolfram etc as well as iron separation for purification of non-metallic mineral, such as quartz, feldspar, nightline,fluotite, kaolin etc.
High gradient magnetic separator

Features and technology advantages of high gradient magnetic separator
1. its separation ring is designed to be vertical, concentrate ore is discharged by reverse flow and also with separation pulse device.
2. Powerful magnetic force, reliable and convenience performance.
3.Simple installation and easy to maintain.

Working principle of high gradient magnetic separator
Magnetic yoke fixed on the machine frame, which generate the strong magnetic field together with exciting coil. Rotary ring is in the clockwise drived by the rotary device, and goes through the magnetic field slowly. There are many separation boxes on the outer circle of the rotary ring, there is the multi-layer magnetic medium which is made of magnetic material inside the separation box. When the rotary ring goes though the magnetic field, it would be magnetized, and formed the high gradient magnetic field. In the mineral processing, the mine slurry goes into the rotary ring along with the gap of the magnetic pole, and the magnetic particle would be attracted in the magnetic medium surface, revolving to the non-magnetic area. The magnetic particle would be put into the concentrate tank, and the non-magnetic material goes into the tailing tank along the lower magnetic yoke gap.
Compared with the flat ring rotary pattern, vertical ring moving direction is opposed to the concentrate ore discharging direction. This design could avoid the big particle size blocking in the gap of the magnetic medium, and it would be put into the tailing tank. The problem of blocking of the high gradient magnetic separation is solved.
high gradient magnetic separator
Figure1. structure of vertical high gradient magnetic separator
1. pulse mechanism; 2. excitation coil; 3. yoke; 4. swivels; 5. feed bucket; 6. rinsing bucket; 7. concentrate flushing device: 8.: 9. ore concentrate hopper bucket; 10 tailings bucket; 11. level gauge; 12. swivel drive; 13. frame;F.ore feeding; W.fresh water; C. Concentrate. M. Middlings; T.Tailings
high gradient magnetic separator
Figure2.separation process

Specification of high gradient magnetic separator
Model Dia.of revolving ring(mm) Feeding size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Rated background  field intensity (T) Power (Kw) Water pressure (Mpa) Weight (T) Overall dimension(mm) (L×W×H)
LHGC500 500 <1.3 0.1-0.5 1.0-1.8 13-48 0.1-0.2 1.5 1800×1400×1320
LHGC750 750 <1.3 0.5-1.0 1.0-1.8 17-48 0.1-0.2 3 2000×1360×1680
LHGC1000 1000 <1.3 3.5-7.5 1.0-1.8 18-39 0.2-0.4 6 2700×2000×2400
LHGC1250 1250 <1.3 10-20 1.0-1.8 25-63 0.2-0.4 14 3200×2340×2700
LHGC1500 1500 <1.3 20-30 1.0-1.8 31-48 0.2-0.4 20 3600×2900×3200
LHGC1750 1750 <1.3 30-50 1.0-1.8 39-54 0.2-0.4 35 3900×3300×3800
LHGC2000 2000 <1.3 50-80 1.0-1.8 43-133 0.2-0.4 50 4200×3550×4200
LHGC2500 2500 <1.3 80-150 1.0-1.8 62-100 0.2-0.4 78 5800×5000×5400
LHGC3000 3000 <1.3 150-250 1.0-1.8 72-211 0.2-0.4 132 7600×6500×7200

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High gradient magnetic separator is a highly technical high-intensity magnetic separator,, it can generate more than 1.5T strong magnetic field, the weak magnetic material can be removed to the maximum extent, it is a non-replaceable magnetic separator equipment. I choose to cooperate with Sinonine is based on the trust of its technology, coupled with good after-sales service, to provide good guarantee for my whole project. At present, I have purchased a series of magnetic separation equipment, including high gradient magnetic separator, which has been running for many years without any fault. It is a very stable equipment and plays an irreplaceable role in the operation of the production line.

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