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High purity quartz sand processing equipment technology

The processing technology of high purity quartz sand washing plant usually includes complex processes such as calcination, water quenching, classification, magnetic separation, flotation, acid leaching, cleaning and chlorination roasting.
silica sand washing plant
Compared with general mineral processing engineering, high purity quartz sand processing equipment has the following characteristics:
1.The purity of reagents used in high purity quartz sand processing is high
Acid leaching and water washing is an important part of high purity quartz sand processing technology. Because high purity quartz requires high purity of SO2 and low content of impurity elements, the purity of reagents such as acid and water must meet the corresponding require
2.The reagents used in the processing of high purity quartz sand are highly corrosive
Hot acid leaching plays a key role in the purification and processing of high purity quartz. One of the important chemical properties of quartz is its excellent acid resistance (except HF), while other metal impurities in the ore are generally poor in acid resistance. Under certain temperature, this effect is more obvious.
The acid leaching process used in the high purity quartz processing is precisely using this principle to realize chemical purification. The results show that the metal minerals, iron bearing minerals, carbonate minerals and thin film iron between quartz particles can be removed by using the appropriate acid formula according to the characteristics of mineral raw materials.
If a certain amount of HF acid is added in the acid formula, it has a good effect on removing trace mica and feldspar in raw materials. Therefore, hot acid and HF acid and other strong corrosion reagents are often used.
3.The standard of raw materials used in high purity quartz sand processing is strict
It has been proved that in the purification process of high purity quartz, the materials such as containers that contact with raw materials have a significant impact on the quality of samples. Strictly controlling the material standard of each processing link of high purity quartz sand is the key to ensure the quality.
4.High purity quartz sand processing environment is demanding
The purity of SO 2 in high purity quartz determines that there should be no pollution in the production process. Due to the long processing flow and complex process of high purity quartz sand, it is difficult to realize full sealing in the production process.
In order to prevent dust pollution in the air, there must be strict requirements for air environment such as production, packaging and storage.
5. High purity quartz sand processing safety requirements
The high purity sand washing production line composed of corrosive reagent, toxic gas (if chlorination roasting) and high temperature must have higher production safety guarantee.
The particularity of the above process conditions determines the high requirements of high purity quartz processing and production equipment, and the development of safe, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient production equipment is the key condition for the realization of large-scale and industrialization.

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