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The Fe2O3 content of silica sand can be reduced to 5ppm by pickling

Sinonine has mastered a technology of purifying and removing iron from silica sand for sand washing plant. Through acid pickling, the Fe2O3 content of silica sand can be reduced to less than 5ppm.
Silica/quartz sand is an important industrial raw material, and its products are widely used in industry. However, the very small amount of iron impurity in silica sand directly affects the purity of quartz sand, and the purity of quartz sand directly affects the quality of quartz sand products.
In order to remove the iron impurity in silica sand, the usual method is to magnetic separation or flotation, then deal with it with acid solution,mixing it, and finally rinse it with clear water. In order to further improve the purity of quartz sand, ionic water is also used for rinsing. The above-mentioned method of removing iron impurities requires more expensive special equipment, while rinsing with ionic water further improves the production cost of quartz sand.
Sinonine master a quartz sand iron removal and purification technology, which is a kind of quartz sand iron removal method with good iron removal efficiency and low cost.

high purity silica sand

The quartz sand production process adopts 15% ~ 36% industrial hydrochloric acid and 96% ~ 98% industrial concentrated nitric acid, dilutes according to the proportion of pure content hydrochloric acid: nitric acid = 4:1, and prepares 10 ~ 25% acid solution. The acid solution is mixed with quartz sand in silica sand acid leaching machine for full mixing. The reaction lasts for 3 ~ 8 hours, and the weight of acid solution is required to be no less than 75% of the weight of quartz sand. The temperature during the reaction is controlled at 50 ~ 80 ℃, the quartz sand after reaction is rinsed for 1-2 hours with tap water(1-2ppm iron content) or well water with iron content of 1-2ppm, then dewatering and drying.

In order to ensure the effect of removing iron impurities from quartz sand, micro amount of hydrofluoric acid can be added into the acid solution according to the different producing areas and purity of quartz sand. Hydrofluoric acid with concentration of 40% can be added in the proportion of 0.008% ~ 0.01% of the total weight of the prepared acid solution.

silica sand acid leaching machine

The iron impurity in quartz sand can be removed by this method. Under normal conditions, the iron impurity index can be controlled below 30ppm. Through the adjustment of reaction temperature and time, products with purity below 20ppm and 10ppm can be produced. If the iron content of rinsing water is fully reduced (the iron content of tap water is generally about 2.5ppm), or the iron content of quartz sand can be kept below 5ppm by rinsing with ionic water.
This quartz sand purification method does not need magnetic separation or flotation machine, and generally does not need ion water rinsing, so that the quartz sand produced is not only high purity, but also low production cost, greatly shortened production time, which has significant advantages over the existing quartz sand iron removal process.

The following is the index summary of this process under various conditions.

silica sand leaching

Remarks:pickling process is one method purification of silica sand, sinonine can also provide others purification process such as flotation, magnetic separation etc. according to different requirements to process high purity sand.

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