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Scrubbing is very important for quartz sand purification

In sand washing plant, scrubbing process is very important. Scrubbing can not only directly remove impurities in quartz sand, but also create a good condition for subsequent purification process.

Quartz sand scrubbing is completed by quartz sand attrition scrubber. The rapid rotating impeller is used to fully stir the quartz sand slurry in the attrition scrubber to promote the strong turbulence of the slurry. In this process, the quartz sand particles have relatively high momentum and violent friction and collision with each other. Due to the influence of its strength, the surface layer of various impurities wrapped outside the sand particles for a long time will separate from the sand particles after a certain period of collision and friction; the gel with lower strength will also be very easy to loose and then fall off under long-term water infiltration; For gel gelatin with relatively high strength, though it is difficult to achieve separation by water affinity and mineral particles, it will also become loose under violent collision and friction and then achieve detachment. This kind of sand surface film is broken in the pulp, and then can be separated from the classification or ore washing means to effectively remove it, so that the quartz sand before the mineral processing work is officially carried out, a large proportion of impurities are removed at a high level, making the surface of quartz sand particles clean and tidy, laying a good condition for the follow-up work.

It has high practical significance and effect to select the scrubbing method to pretreat quartz sand minerals. It can not only achieve a high level of separation between sand particles and surface impurities of ore particles, including impurity film and gelling material, etc., and then obtain clean and clean minerals, which lays a good conditions for the follow-up mineral processing work. At the same time, it can also prevent excessive grinding of minerals, and make the particle size of minerals more in line with the requirements of relevant industrial production standards. Compared with grinding and chemical treatment, scrubbing has obvious advantages in removing impurities and gelling. With the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, the theory and practical experience of quartz sand scrubbing will be constantly improved, which will play a more important role in the development of mineral processing in the future.

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