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Widely application of your silica sand tailings

In the sand washing plant, quartz sand tailings include the waste residue in quartz mining, tailings and tailings mud in the process of processing, of which the tailings account for the vast majority. The chemical composition of quartz tailings is mainly silica, and the impurities are feldspar, clay, mica, iron ore, etc. as long as the reasonable development and scientific utilization, the pollution can be eliminated, the application scope of minerals can be broadened, and the added value of minerals can be increased. The following is the application area of quartz sand tailings.
silica sand tailings
The alkali content of quartz tailings is low, and its chemical composition meets the requirements of cement batching, so it can be used as a substitute for silica. The grindability of quartz tailings is very poor, but the fineness is close to the fineness of raw meal, which can fully meet the fineness requirements after proper grinding.
Silica brick
Silica brick is a kind of acid refractory, which is widely used in coke oven, hot blast stove or glass furnace. Its softening temperature under load is as high as 1640 ~ 1670 ℃.
The silica content of raw materials for silica brick shall not be less than 96%, and there shall not be too many impurities such as alumina, potassium oxide and nitrous oxide. Some waste rocks produced in the process of mining quartzite or quartz sandstone can meet the requirements.
Silicon micro powder
According to the tailings of some low iron sand washing plant, the electrical and electronic grade silicon micro powder can be prepared by the purification process of "magnetic separation -scrubbing -desliming- flotation".
Functional filler
The purity of the product obtained by superfine grinding of quartz tailings is similar to that of silicon powder, and the whiteness is increased by nearly 12%. It can be used as fillers for fine ceramics, insulating materials, high-quality microporous calcium silicate and rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, etc.
Coating filler
Some quartz sand tailing is fine in size and can be used as coating filler after classification and purification. For example, it can absorb ultraviolet rays when it is used in poly (ethyl acetate) coatings. Adding quartz sand tailings and silica to epoxy floor coatings can improve the comprehensive properties of floor coatings, such as hardness, wear resistance and washability.
Construction ceramsite
Ceramsite for construction can be produced from industrial wastes such as fly ash, terrazzo and quartz sand tailing mud, and the mixing ratio of quartz sand tailing mud can reach more than 30%.
Glass ceramics
Slag glass-ceramic plate is a kind of plate used for industrial or high-grade decoration, which is made of natural mineral raw materials such as silica sand, feldspar, calcite and slag, added with chemical raw materials such as nucleating agent and colorant, after melting, forming, cutting and polishing. It can also be called silicon crystal plate, glass-ceramic, microcrystalline marble or crystalline glass.
AAC block
Sand ACC block is mainly divided into river sand and silica sand mine tailings, which are high-end products in the market. Aerated concrete with quartz sand as raw material has the best characteristics.
Glazed tiles and ceramic glaze materials
The quartz content of magnetite quartzite cleaning waste can reach 58% ~ 62%. The introduction of about 15% magnetite quartzite cleaning waste into ceramic body can improve the physical and mechanical properties of ceramic body and glaze layer, and can be used to produce thick black glazed wall ceramics.
Fired brick and new wall material
High grade heat insulation wall materials can be produced by mixing shale with 40% ~ 50% quartz sand tailings and waste mud. Quartz tailings can also be used to develop sand aerated heat insulation, sound insulation and thermal insulation materials, which can provide materials for building energy conservation.

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