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High gradient magnetic separator makes iron removal of quartz sand and feldspar more efficient

Quartz sand is the most important mineral raw material in glass production, and its amount accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of powder. Therefore, its quality, especially the amount of iron impurities, has become an important factor affecting the quality of glass. Hematite, limonite, ilmenite and amphibole are the main minerals of iron in quartz sand, and their magnetism is very weak. Because the magnetic field strength of ordinary magnetic separator can not meet the requirements, it is difficult to remove them by magnetic separation, so that they still exist in quartz sand concentrate. However, other mineral processing methods, such as acid washing and flotation, are either difficult to be popularized on a large scale due to high cost or limited in use due to environmental impact. Similar problems also exist in the mineral processing of dolomite, limestone, feldspar and other mineral raw materials. Therefore, to find a kind of magnetic separator with high magnetic intensity, large gradient, deep range of action and ability to remove weak magnetic minerals becomes the primary problem.
Vertical high gradient magnetic separator
In recent years, in the mineral processing research and design of quartz sand and feldspar, Sinonine specially developed and produced a new type of high gradient magnetic separator for non-metallic minerals, which can better solve this problem. This structure of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator is shown in the figure below.
High gradient magnetic separator
The vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator produced by Sinonine meets the requirements of quartz sand and feldspar beneficiation. Its main features are: ① unique cooling system, fully sealed structure, high magnetic field strength, advanced control system, low cost, high economic and social benefits. ② Using the full sealed forced oil cooling system, the temperature rise of the coil is small and no cooling water is needed, which solves the problem that the traditional water cooling coil conductor is easy to scale. ③ Rotating ring vertical rotation, recoil concentrate. The blocking problem of magnetic medium in flat ring high intensity magnetic separator has not been solved for decades. The rotating ring adopts vertical rotation mode. For each group of magnetic medium, the direction of washing concentrate is opposite to that of feeding ore, and the coarse particles can be washed out without passing through the magnetic medium pile, thus effectively preventing the blocking of magnetic medium. ④ A slurry pulsating mechanism is set to drive the slurry to generate pulsating fluid force. Under the action of pulsating fluid force, the ore particles in the slurry are always in a loose state, which can improve the separation efficiency and concentrate quality. The rotating speed of the rotating ring and the pulsating frequency of the pulsating box are stepless regulated by the frequency converter, which has good adaptability to the properties of the ore. ⑤ Flat ring high gradient magnetic separator has strict requirements on feed size. Vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator's unique magnetic system structure and optimized combination of magnetic medium can increase the upper limit of feed size and adapt to the size range of quartz sand dressing. ⑥ With advanced fault diagnosis system and remote operation system, the intelligent operation control of the equipment is realized.
High gradient magnetic separator
Application cases of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator

High gradient magnetic separator in glass sand washing plant
We select three quartz sand ore spots in a certain area for testing, and the iron content of products obtained by ordinary magnetic separator is shown in the table below.
Sand sample 1st Magnetic field intensity/Gs 2nd Magnetic field intensity/Gs Pulp density % Fe2O3 content %
A 3000 6000 30 0.1380
B 3000 6000 30 0.0480
C 3000 6000 30 0.0288
The above quartz sand still contains high iron content after primary and secondary magnetic separation by ordinary drum magnetic separator. The iron content obtained after treatment by vertical high gradient magnetic separator is shown in the table below.
High gradient magnetic separator
Sand sample Magnetic field intensity/Gs Pulp density % Feeding Fe2O3 content % Discharge Fe2O3 content %
A 13000 30 0.1380 0.0530
B 13000 30 0.0480 0.0170
C 13000 30 0.0288 0.0068
It can be seen from the above that the iron removal effect of high gradient magnetic separator on quartz sand is very obvious. It can create considerable economic benefits for glass sand washing plant.
High gradient magnetic separator in feldspar production
The main impurities of feldspar are limonite, hematite and mechanical iron produced by grinding. In order to effectively remove the weak magnetic limonite, hematite and other impurities in feldspar ore, we used a high gradient magnetic separator with background magnetic field strength of 13000gs to remove iron in feldspar production line. The feed concentration is 30%, the particle size is 0.075-0.425mm (35-200 mesh), and the treatment capacity is 30t / h. After separation, the iron content in feldspar is reduced from 0.7% to 0.12%, the reduction rate of iron is 82.86%, and the yield of feldspar concentrate is 91.2%. The whiteness of feldspar product is increased from 10% of raw ore to 63% of concentrate, which shows that the quality of feldspar concentrate is quite good.
High gradient magnetic separator

With the continuous popularization and application of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator in glass sand washing plant and feldspar beneficiation, as well as the deepening development of pickling, flotation and other technologies, the utilization range of main mineral raw materials for glass production will be greatly widened, so that many unusable ores in the past can be fully utilized, and the beneficiation effect of raw ores with good texture will be improved to a new level.

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