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Five application fields of spherical quartz powder

Due to its superior properties, spherical quartz powder is widely used in high-tech fields such as integrated circuit copper clad laminate, epoxy plastic sealant, aerospace, fine chemical industry and daily cosmetics.
spherical quartz powder
1.Spherical quartz powder for copper clad plate

With the rapid development of the electronic industry, the production and sales of more and more electronic products such as mobile phones and personal computers begin to enter the forefront of the world, driving the continuous expansion of the scale of the integrated circuit market.
Considering the advantages of spherical quartz powder over angular quartz powder, it is mainly used in the field of electronic packaging; Improve the thermal conductivity; Increase the product strength and corrosion resistance.
Copper clad laminate (CCL) is the cornerstone of the development of modern electronic industry. As the basic material of PCB manufacturing, the basic characteristics and processing performance of CCL greatly affect the quality and long-term reliability of PCB.
In recent years, inorganic filler filling technology has become a very important research method in the development of new products and performance improvement of copper clad laminates. Due to its large surface area, spherical quartz powder can fully contact with epoxy resin, and its dispersing ability is good. Dispersing in epoxy resin is equivalent to increasing the contact area with epoxy resin, increasing the bonding point, which is more conducive to improving the compatibility of the two. In addition, spherical quartz powder has good mechanical and electrical properties, and is more and more widely used in the field of copper shoes.
At present, spherical quartz powder is mainly used in rigid CCL, accounting for 20% - 30% of the proportion of CCL mixed casting; The usage of flexible CCL and paper-based CCL is relatively less.
spherical quartz powder
2.Spherical quartz powder for EMC

Epoxy plastic seal (EMC) is the most important thermosetting polymer composite material for electronic devices and integrated circuits. As one of the main materials of packaging, epoxy plastic packaging plays a very important role in electronic packaging.
At present, more than 95% of microelectronic devices are epoxy encapsulated devices. The main components of common epoxy plastic sealant are filler 60-90%, epoxy resin 18%, curing agent 9% and additive 3%. The inorganic fillers currently used are basically quartz powder, the content of which is up to 90.5%. It has the functions of reducing the thermal expansion coefficient, increasing the thermal conductivity, reducing the dielectric constant, environmental protection, flame retardant, reducing the internal stress, preventing moisture absorption, increasing the strength of the plastic packaging material, and reducing the cost of the packaging material.
Requirements for the index of spherical quartz powder for EMC
1)High purity
High purity is the most basic requirement of electronic products for materials. In VLSI, the requirements are more stringent. In addition to the low content of conventional impurity elements, the content of radioactive elements is also required to be as low as possible.
The requirements of spherical quartz powder for VLSI packaging materials are as follows
The content of SiO2 is more than 99.98%;
The total content of Fe, Al, CA, Mg and other metal oxides is less than 130 × 10-6;
The content of radioactive elements is less than 0.5 × 10-6。
2) Superfine and high uniformity
The particle size of spherical quartz powder used for VLSI packaging material is fine, the distribution range is narrow, and the uniformity is good, which is generally 1-3 um in the United States. The average particle size in Japan is 3-8 um and the maximum particle size is less than 24 um.
3) High spheroidization and dispersion
High spheroidization rate is the premise to ensure the high fluidity and high dispersion of the filling material. High spheroidization rate and good sphericity can ensure the good fluidity and dispersion of the product. It can be fully dispersed in the epoxy molding material and ensure the best filling effect.
3.Spherical quartz powder for cosmetics
Compared with ordinary angle quartz powder, spherical quartz powder has higher flowability and larger specific surface area, so it can be applied to cosmetics such as lipstick, powder and foundation cream.
Characteristics of quartz powder for cosmetics
In powder products such as powdered bread, it can improve the mobility and storage stability, thereby preventing caking.
Small average particle size determines its good smoothness and fluidity;
The larger specific surface area makes it have better adsorption, can absorb sweat, spices, nutrients, make the cosmetic formula more economical;
The ball shape of the powder has good affinity and tactility to the skin.
In addition, spherical quartz powder is easy to be compatible with other components of cosmetics, non-toxic, tasteless, and white. What's more, it has strong UV reflecting ability and good stability. It will not decompose, change color, and react with other components in the formula. It is a good choice for ingredients of sunscreen cosmetics.
Characteristics of spherical quartz powder for cosmetics: the silicon content is generally required to reach 99.9%; Particle size 0.2-2 um is controllable; The sphericity is more than 95%; Low radiation (uranium content < 0.5ppb)
Table 1. Technical specifications of spherical quartz powder for cosmetics

Index spherical quartz powder
Whiteness 96&plusmn;1
Type Fused silica powder
Specific surface area 25m2/g
Sphericity >95%
Size 0.2-1&mu;m
Bulk density 0.5g/cm3
Refractive index 1.46
Softening point  1200-1500℃
Proportion 2.1 g/cm3

spherical quartz powder
4.Spherical quartz powder for aerospace and ceramics

Spherical quartz powder is an important functional material, which has good chemical stability, good fluidity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good electrical insulation and other characteristics. Using these characteristics in the ceramic industry can not only improve traditional materials, but also prepare new materials.
High temperature resistant ceramic matrix composites made of spherical quartz powder, high performance resin and ceramic matrix are ideal heat-resistant tile materials for aircraft, rocket, satellite, spaceship and other aerospace vehicles.
The addition of spherical quartz powder to special ceramics can improve compactness, heat resistance and cold fatigue, and reduce porosity. The influence of spherical quartz powder on the properties of special ceramic products is mainly reflected in the high-temperature sintering process, through the high fluidity of spherical particles to fill the gap, reduce the pores, make the ceramic products densified, produce mullite crystal phase in the high-temperature process, disperse into the ceramic products, so as to improve the properties of ceramic products. As a high-grade ceramic glaze, spherical quartz powder can improve the strength and surface finish of ceramic glaze.
After adding spherical quartz powder into special refractories, good fluidity, sinterability, adhesion and pore filling properties will be obtained, which makes special refractories have the characteristics of dense structure, high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Both spherical quartz powder and fused silica belong to amorphous silica, but spherical particles are easier to realize precise accumulation. The quartz ceramic matrix material prepared by using spherical quartz powder instead of fused silica has fewer pores and higher density and strength than that prepared by using fused silica. Quartz ceramic matrix composites made of spherical quartz powder have excellent properties such as good high temperature performance, good thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, high processing accuracy, good wave transmission performance and good dielectric properties. It is one of the main materials for missile radome in the field of military industry.
spherical quartz powder
5. Spherical quartz powder for fine chemical industry

Spherical quartz powder coating has special optical properties that conventional silica coating does not have. It has strong ultraviolet absorption and infrared reflection characteristics. It can form a shielding effect on the coating, achieve the purpose of anti ultraviolet aging and thermal aging, and increase the heat insulation of the coating. Adding spherical quartz powder to UV curable coatings can obviously improve the hardness and adhesion of coatings, reduce the degree of UV radiation absorption of UV curable coatings, and reduce the curing speed of UV curable coatings.
 spherical quartz powder

Spherical quartz powder has a large specific surface area and shows great activity. It can form a network structure when the coating is dry. At the same time, the strength and finish of the coating are increased, the suspension of the coating is improved, and the color of the coating can be kept unchanged for a long time.
The addition of quartz powder can greatly reduce the amount of resin, thus greatly reduce the production cost, and improve the quality of paint and coating, so that the paint and coating can achieve the goal of low shrinkage, low viscosity, high addition, high wear resistance and good storage.
Spherical quartz powder also has good fluidity and lubricity, which can achieve better dispersion, suspension and stability. When used in ink and pigment, it can reduce the amount of ink and pigment, but has high covering power, good luster, fine resin particle size, continuous film-forming, uniform and smooth, thin film, so that the printed image is clear. If used in UV ink, it can speed up its curing speed, Eliminate the shrinkage and wrinkling of ink film. Make the ink colorful and luminous, printing a more beautiful image.

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