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How to spend rainy season in sand washing plant

With the rapid development of science and technology, quartz sand is widely used in glass, ceramics and other industries because of its unique physical and chemical properties. But for the manufacturers, the raw material supply of quartz sand will have different seasonal requirements, such as how to make the sand washing plant spend the rainy season safely and effectively.
The season of continuous spring rain will still have a serious impact on the production of quartz sand. Although quartz sand and water are inextricably linked, in the recycling production of quartz sand, the mining of raw material quartz ore will be affected by the rainy season.

So, How to spend rainy season in sand washing plant?
sand washing plant
We know that in the mining of quartz sand and stone raw ore, we need to drill holes in the mine, start blasting, and transport the quartz sand raw ore to the quartz sand mining company by train. But in the rainy season, it will lead to debris flow in the mine, or landslide due to blasting, which will affect road transportation and artificial mining, and then affect the production of quartz sand.
At the same time, due to the high air humidity in rainy season, the water content of quartz sand raw ore will be very large. We know in the process of quartz sand refining that the quartz stone with more water content needs to be dried before the next series of refining work can be carried out. In this way, the working efficiency of quartz sand is greatly reduced.
The problem of water content in quartz sand raw ore has not been solved. In some quartz sand manufacturers, it will be dried by firewood. This method is feasible, but a large amount of firewood needs to be purchased before the rainy season. If it is purchased from farmers in the rainy season, the firewood will not dry, so the heat generated is low, and the drying of quartz sand will be counterproductive.
With the improvement of production level, the current manufacturers can use the technology of coal to gas, such as heating, to directly dry the quartz sand with thermal energy above 500 degrees, so that it will not be affected by the weather and can normally produce quartz sand.

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