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How to make spiral sand washing machine more efficient?

In sand washing plant, spiral sand washing machine is an important equipment which is used to washing sand or dewatering.
LS model spiral sand washing machine(named as sand washer) is a new type sand washing machine in sinonine, on the basis of sand washer. it is widely used for cleaning materials in quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on.They are ideal for construction sand producers, mining companies, saltreclamation and glass recycling.

spiral sand washing machine

It integrates the functions of washing, recycling and screening, and with the main advantages of low water cinsumption, high quality find sand, considerate economic benefits, environmental-protection and energy saving and so on.
At present, there are many types of sand washing machine in the market, and all of them with their own characteristics.Well, with the development of the economy, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of protecting enviroment.Besides, with the rapid progress of technology, many manufactures are keeping pace with time and continue to develop and improve their products so as to meet customers’need as much as possible.
Sinonine  is a reliable, responsible and advanced companmy,it devotes to innovate new type machine in case of being eliminated by the market.Therefore, LS spiral sand wahing machine has appeared.

spiral sand washing machine

First of all, maintanance is an irresplaceble factor on it. Without providing this machine a good maintenance, even though its quality is best,there is nothing to do at the end. Besides, pay more attention to its spare parts, for every parts are very importante.If one of the part goes wrong in operation, then it it will not only take time and effort, but it will also cost maintenance and affect the progress of the project.

Anyway, if manufactures want to use machine a long time , it deserves to be cared after.Only in this way can the machine operates more efficient.

Remarks: sand washing machine is suitable for sand washing plant, construction, hydropower station, concrete dam site, glass manufacturing industry, foundry industry, oil well development industry etc.

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