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SINONINE dewatering wheel is in hot sale

Due to reliable quality, low price, welcomed by the majority of customers, SINONINE dewatering wheel is now in hot sale.
dewatering wheel
The shape of the dewatering wheel is a bucket wheel structure. The material enters the bucket of the rotary wheel, and then enters the slurry tank for cleaning along with the rotary wheel. Then it is discharged out by the subsequent buckets and dewatering. A screen mesh is installed with the bucket. After the material is cleaned, most of the water is removed. Therefore, the dewatering wheel has functions of sand washing and dewatering.
dewatering wheel
In the sand washing plant, the dewatering wheel can reach large-scale production, its rotary wheel diameter can range from 2 meters to 6 meters, and the number of bucket wheel can be single or 2 to 4 pcs, which can meet the needs of large-scale production by using one set machine.
dewatering wheel
The dewatering wheel is suitable for sand washing and dewatering with high mud content. For sands with mud content of about 10%, the mud content of sand can be reduced to less than 0.7% by using one-stage sand washing. If the mud content is more than 20%, it is often necessary to arrange two-stage to three-stage sand washing machines to cooperate with each other, so as to control the mud content of sand products. Due to the structural characteristics of the dewatering wheel, it is easy to realize the series connection of multiple machines to meet the requirements of sand washing and dewatering with different mud content.
The sand washing density of dewatering wheel is generally between 20-40%. After washing and dewatering, the water content can be reduced to 20-30%. If further reduction of water content is needed, a dewatering screen should be arranged behind the dewatering wheel. After dewatering and desliming, the finished sand with 5-8% water content can be obtained, which is convenient for discharge and transportation.
 dewatering wheel
Due to the use of the screen mesh in the wheel bucket for dewatering, the size of the screen mesh can be adjusted. For coarse-grained sand, the screen mesh can be larger. For fine-grained sand, the screen mesh can be smaller. Due to the use of screen natural dewatering, it is inevitable to lose part of the fine-grained valuable sand material into the mud, so it is necessary to use hydocyclone to separate the fine-grained sand. In the sand washing plant, the different specific gravity of soil and sand is often used to recover the sand from the underflow of hydrocyclone to obtain valuable fine-grained sand.
 dewatering wheel
At present, there are many types of the dewatering wheels produced by SINONINE, the wheel diameter can be from 2m to 6m, and the number of bucket wheels can be from 1 to 4 pcs, which is convenient for customers to purchase. The dewatering wheels produced by SINONINE is not only widely used in China, but also welcomed by foreign customers. It has been exported to Asia, Africa, America and other countries. Due to the huge dimension size of the dewatering wheel, which is not convenient for transportation, SINONINE's technical team has developed a split type wheel structure to split the dewatering wheel, which is suitable for long-distance transportation at home and abroad, saving a lot of transportation costs for customers.
dewatering wheel

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