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Applying color sorter to silica sand purification

Color sorter is a device which can automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles in the particles by photoelectric detection technology according to the difference of optical properties of materials. The color separator is mainly composed of the feeding system, optical detection system, signal processing system and separation execution system.
color sorter
Main technical specifications of color sorter
1.Processing capacity of color sorter
The main factors affecting the processing capacity of color sorter are the motion speed of servo system, the highest speed of conveyor belt and the purity of raw materials. The servo system can move quickly, and the actuator can be sent to the corresponding position of impurities, and the speed of conveyor belt can be improved and the processing capacity can be increased. On the contrary, the speed of conveyor belt will be reduced. The processing capacity per unit time is proportional to the speed of the conveyor belt. The faster the belt is, the greater the output is. The unit time processing amount is also related to the proportion of impurities in raw materials. If there are few impurities, the greater the separation between the two impurities, the longer the reaction time left to the servo system, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be increased. At the same time, the unit time processing amount is closely related to the required selection accuracy.
color sorter
2. The precision of color sorter
Color separation accuracy refers to the percentage of impurities selected from raw materials in total impurities. The accuracy of color separation is mainly affected by the movement speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of raw materials. The slower the movement speed of the conveyor belt, the longer the time between adjacent impurities. The servo system has enough time to remove impurities and improve the accuracy of color separation. Similarly, the higher the initial purity of raw materials, the less impurity, the higher the color separation accuracy. At the same time, the precision of color separation is also limited by the servo system design. When there are more than two impurities in the same frame, only one impurity can be removed, which reduces the precision of color separation. The separation structure is better than the single separation structure.
color sorter
3.Take out ratio of color sorter
Take out ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of impurities in the waste selected by the color sorter to the amount of normal materials. The take-out ratio can be adjusted by adjusting the power on time of the actuator. If the take out ratio is set too high, it will affect the selection rate and processing capacity; If the setting is too low, the selected scrap contains too many normal materials, which will cause waste; If we deal with it again, we need to invest a certain amount of manpower and material resources, which will cause a lot of trouble and economic losses.
Applying color sorter to quartz sand purification in sand washing plant
In the raw quartz sand, the pure quartz sand is white or milky white, and the color of iron bearing impurities or gangue minerals is yellowish, light yellow or light brown and gray. The color difference between quartz sand and iron bearing impurities or gangue minerals is the key to color separation.
silica sand

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