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How to maintain screw sand washer?

In the sand washing plant, the main function of the screw sand washer/spiral sand washing machine is to remove the impurities in the sand products. In the process of sand washing plant, with the continuous use of spiral sand washing machine, its production efficiency may decline. In order to ensure its normal working performance, it is necessary to maintain the sand washer correctly. The following introduces several maintenance methods of spiral sand washer, so that the screw sand washer can maintain a higher production efficiency after long-term use.
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It is preferred to pay attention to the normal installation of screw sand washer. When installing the spiral sand washer for the first time, it should be fully checked. Before putting into production, the screw sand washer should run for 8 to 9 hours without load before it can be put into normal production.
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Check and maintain the spiral sand washer regularly. The spiral sand washing equipment should be maintained and inspected regularly. It is necessary to find and solve the problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the spiral sand washer. If the maintenance is not carried out in time, the spiral sand washer may have various faults, thus reducing the production efficiency of the spiral sand washer.
Clean the spiral sand washer in time. The use of spiral sand washing machine, to develop the habit of timely cleaning. The spiral sand washer will inevitably accumulate sand and gravel in the working process, which will easily lead to pipeline blockage. Therefore, the spiral sand washer and its components should be cleaned in time.
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Add lubricating oil to the screw sand washer regularly and use high-quality lubricating oil for lubrication. Daily to do a good job in the rust prevention and derusting work of spiral sand washer. If the spiral sand washer is in contact with water for a long time and not treated in time, it may cause equipment parts to rust, thus affecting the normal operation efficiency of the spiral sand washer.
To regularly observe the wear of the screw sand washer, regularly check the internal wear of the screw sand washer. If it is found that the parts of the spiral sand washer are worn and affect the production operation, it must be repaired or replaced in time. The original parts of the original manufacturer shall be used for parts replacement.
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In the long-term operation of the screw sand washing machine, there will be various wear or failure. Effective maintenance can reduce the failure rate of screw sand washing machine, improve the production efficiency of sand washing machine, and reduce unnecessary maintenance cost.

SINONINE screw sand washer is very convenient for operation and maintenance, with low requirements for operators and strong ability for environmental protection. It only needs daily normal maintenance.

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