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Sand washing machine


Sinonine Sand washing machine can thoroughly remove the soil and impurities in sand to achieve the purpose of purification. According to different uses, users can choose different sand washing machine for the production and purification of sand. The commonly used sand washing equipments are spiral sand washing machine, wheel sand washing machine, drum stone scrubber and logwasher. These sand washers are often equipped with attrition scrubbers, desliming cone, hydraulic classifiers, hindered settling classifier and other equipment to form a complete sand processing plant to meet the user's requirements for the cleaning, purification and classification of sand.

Screw sand wahsher(Spiral sand washing)

Spiral sand washing machine can be used for sand washing or dewatering. It is specially designed and manufactured for washing, classifying and dewatering of silica sand. Its unique sealing structure and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure the high efficiency and long service life. It is suitable for sand plant, construction, hydropower station, concrete dam site, glass manufacturing industry, foundry industry, oil well development industry.
spiral sand washing machine
-Working principle and structure of spiral sand washing machine
The main part of spiral sand washing machine is installed by 18 ° inclination, under the sink is a sedimentation tank composing of three weir plates.The screw head immerges in the sedimentation tank, and the screw is driven by the motor and continuously rotated, and the water is fed by the porous plates installed at the bottom of the sedimentation tank.The clean water entering by the porous plates forms the rising water, which brings the impurities with small specific gravity to the surface and overflow the weir plate to finish the cleaning.
spiral sand washing machine layout
The larger particles sink into the tank body, and the screw blades push up the sand. As the upper part of the tank is above the water level, in the process of upward propulsion, the excess water of sand is removed, and the water that comes out flows into the sedimentation tank from the other side of the drain at the bottom of the tank. The classification of materials is achieved by fine particles overflowing over weir plaes which do not meet the standards.The control method is to adjust the height of overflow weir plates and adjust spiral speed.
-Specification of spiral sand washing machine
Model Screw diameter (mm) Sink length (mm) Capacity (t/h) Input Size (mm) Power (kw) Water consumption (t/h) Weight (t)
SL500 500 7150 10-15 <10 5.5 6-60 4.6
SL750 750 7585 10-20 <10 11 10-80 6.5
SL915 915 7585 20-30 <10 15 20-120 8.6
SL1200 1200 8400 30-50 <10 18.5 30-150 11.2
SL1500 1500 9500 30-60 <10 18.5 30-150 13.8

Bucket (wheel) sand washer

Wheel sand washing machine is a wheel bucket type washing equipment, which can clean and separate the stone powder and clay from dinas. Its unique sealing structure and reliable transmission device ensure the effect of cleaning and dewatering. It is widely used in sand making, mine, building material, transportation, chemical , water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing industrty, etc.
wheel sand washing machine
-Working principle and structure of wheel sand washing machine
The sand and gravel enter the washtrough by feeding trough, roll under the drive of the impellers, and grind each other, remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand, and destroy the moisture layer covering the sand at the same time, so as to facilitate dewatering.
wheel sand washing machine layout
 At the same time, water is added to form strong water flow, and impurities and foreign materials with small gravity are taken away, and discharged from the overflow outlet to complete the cleaning effect. The clean sand is carried away by the blade, and finally the sand is poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impellers to finish the cleaning of the sand.
-Specification of wheel sand washing machine
Model Wheel Diameter (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Wheel ratory speed (r/min) Input Size (mm) Dimensions (LxWxH)
Weight (t)
XS2600 2600 20-50 5.5 2.5 ≤10 3515×2070×2672 2.5
XS2800 2800 50-100 7.5 1.2 ≤10 3900×3300×2990 4.1
XS3200 3200 80-120 11 1 ≤10 3965×4440×3410 7.3
XS3600 3600 120-180 15 1 ≤10 4355×4505×3810 9.5


Logwasher is a special equipment for cleaning large particles, and the washing particle size can reach 50mm. The logwasher can eliminate the influence and harm of slime on ore mineral processing operation, improve operation efficiency and obtain good separation index. The logwasher has simple structure, easy installation, low power consumption, easy operation and good desliming effect. The logwasher is much more cost-effective than MMD sizer.

-Working principle and structure of logwasher
The main part of logwasher is installed by 10-14 ° inclination. When the logwasher working, the two spiral shaft in the tank rotate in opposite direction.
logwasher layout

Material is fed into the middle of the two spiral axes from the bottom of the tank to the overflow end about 1/3. Coarse material is transported to the front end of the tank through repeated washing of the blades. When discharged, it is washed by spray water to reach qualified ores. The mud and impurity are washed from the ore flows out through the overflow weir at the back of the tank.

-Specification of Logwasher
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Installation inclination (degree) Input Size (mm) Tank size(WXL) (mm)
2RXK1100x5600 20-40 15 10-14 ≤50 1100x5600
2RXK1500x7200 40-80 22 10-14 ≤50 1500x7200
2RXK1800x7600 40-100 30 10-14 ≤50 1800x7600
2RXK2000x5000 50-120 37 10-14 ≤50 2000x5000
2RXK2000x8000 50-130 37 10-14 ≤50 2000x8000
2RXK2200x8400 80-140 55 10-14 ≤50 2200x8400
2RXK2400x9600 80-160 75 10-14 ≤50 2400x9600

Rotary scrubber

rotary scrubber named as drum scrubbing machine or drum stone scrubber is a special washing equipment for cleaning large and difficult-to-wash materials. Drum stone scrubber has three functions: scrubbing, cleaning and screening. The maximum feed size can reach 200 mm. It mainly carries out preliminary cleaning for raw ore. The equipment has a large processing capacity, which solves the cleaning of raw ore with high impurity content and mud, and creates favorable conditions for subsequent separation operations.
rotary scrubber
-Working principle and structure of drum scrubbing machine
The drum scrubber is installed Horizontally or inclined 3-6 degree. The material is slurried and scrubbed in the drum so that the ore and mud are completely separated. Polyurethane liner is installed in the cylinder to protect the cylinder from corrosion and abrasion. After full cleaning, the ore is discharged through spiral discharge liners.
Rotary scrubber layout
-Specification of drum scrubbing machine
Model Drum size (DxL)
Capacity (t/h) Input Size (mm) Power (kw) Rotary speed (r/min) Weight (t)
YTX-1348 Φ1300×4800 50-100 <200 22 15-25 23.3
YTX-1754 Φ1700×5400 100-250 <200 37 10-20 27.1
YTX-1760 Φ1700×6000 100-300 <200 45 10-20 31.2
YTX-1766 Φ1700×6600 100-300 <200 37 10-20 29.6
YTX-2442 Φ2400×4200 100-400 <200 45 7-13 42
YTX-2454 Φ2400×5400 100-500 <200 55 7-13 43
YTX-2460 Φ2400×6000 100-500 <200 55 7-13 50
YTX-2472 Φ2400×7200 100-500 <200 55 7-13 56

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Sand washing machines have its own unique advantages and it is especially suitable for silica sand cleaning. I have used the Spiral sand washing machine produced by Sinonine for two years. The structure design can make the cleaning more fully, especially for the production of high purity quartz sand, its adaptability is particularly strong. The equipment provided by Sinonine is excellent in both internal quality and external appearance. With such reliable main equipment playing its role, my whole quartz sand production line runs smoothly.

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