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Common faults and solutions of screw sand washer

In the sand washing plant, a variety of sand washing machines are used, among which the screw sand washer is the most common. The screw sand washer can remove the impurities covered on the surface of quartz sand, and destroy the water vapor layer wrapped in sand particles, so as to play the role of efficient cleaning. Screw sand washer in the process of work will inevitably appear some fault problems, the following is the common fault problems and the corresponding solutions.
screw sand washer
1. Reverse water splashing occurs during the screw sand washer washing sand
Cause of fault:
1)The speed of spiral sand washer is too high.
2)The horizontal axis of the spiral blade is not fixed well.
1)Adjust the rotary speed of screw sand washer to normal speed.
2) If the speed adjustment is normal and there is still water splashing, fix the horizontal shaft firmly.
screw sand washer
2.The transmission part of screw sand washer is noisy
Cause of fault:
1) Insufficient gear lubrication.
2) The gears spacing changes.
1) Add enough grease to the gears.
2) Adjust the reducer anchor bolts and tighten them to keep the gears spacing normal.
screw sand washer
3. The discharge port of screw sand washer is blocked
Cause of fault:
The main reason is that the particle size of sand in the pulp of the spiral sand washer is too fine, and the feeding amount is suddenly increased, resulting in the deposition of materials at the outlet.
First of all, stop feeding, open all discharge outlets to avoid siltation, and clean the spiral sand washer with clean water before operation.
spiral sand washer
4. Gears of spiral sand washer are easily damaged
Cause of fault:
1)The gear of spiral sand washer was not maintained in time.
2) The shaft of spiral sand washer and reducer did not reach the required parallelism.
1) Maintain the gear regularly and add grease according to the specified time
2) Adjust the parallelism between the shaft of sand washer and the shaft of reducer to meet the requirements.

As a kind of mechanical equipment, it is very normal for screw sand washer to have various faults. SINONINE can solve the above faults of screw sand washer and help customers solve other problems in the process of using sand washer.

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