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Application of hindered settling classifier in glass sand washing plant

In the glass sand washing plant, the size of quartz sand should be controlled between 0.1-0.6 mm. Firstly, the coarse-grained quartz sand above 0.6 mm should be separated first, and the traditional process is to screen through trommel screen. Because the hardness of quartz sand is Mohs 7 degree, the trommel screen usually adopts 304 stainless steel mesh. In order to ensure a good control of quartz sand particle size, three-stage screening is generally adopted to meet the requirements.
According to the calculation, a total of 12 trommel screens are needed for 10000 tons of glass sand washing plant every month. Under the working condition of 20 hours per day, the screen mesh of trommel screen can be used for about 7 days. Then the sand washing plant needs to replace one screen mesh every day on average, which results in expensive equipment running cost, and requires a lot of manpower and shutdown costs.
The hindered settling classifier realizes the natural separation of coarse particles and fine sand under the action of strong water pressure. Due to the impact of strong water pressure on quartz sand, the slurry of quartz sand rolls and rubs each other in hindered settling classifier. In this process, the weathering layer on the surface of quartz sand particles will also separate and become fine powder. This process can also play a great role in the removal of iron from quartz sand.
hindered settling classifier
When selecting the hindered settling classifier, it should be determined according to the production capacity of glass sand washing plant, and the proportion of coarse particles and fine particles should be considered, so as to reasonably select the model of hindered settling classifier.
hindered settling classifier
In the process of using the hindered settling classifier, it is necessary to feed pulp evenly. Generally, the desliming cone is used for uniform feeding. The stable pulp flow will form a stable liquid level, which can ensure the stable work of the hindered settling classifier and achieve better effect of particle size classification.
In order to prevent the discharge of a small amount of coarse-grained materials, a trommel screen is often set in the overflow of the hindered settling classifier to check the screening, so as to ensure that the -0.6mm materials are more than 95% and meet the grain size requirements of glass sand.
hindered settling classifier
According to the production needs, the hindered settling classifier can also be equipped with an automatic control system to automatically adjust the discharge particle size to meet different production needs.

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