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Hindered settling machine


The Hindered settling classifier makes use of the rising water to form turbulent flow in the container, which makes the large or relatively large particles concentrate to the bottom of the container and discharge from the bottom valve, while the small particles and the lighter particles overflow from the overflow weir plates and collect into the overflow groove, thus achieving the separation of various minerals. Hindered settlingt classification is widely used in silica sand, especially in strict classification of silica sand for glass, removal of coarse particles and heavy minerals from silican sand, and recovery of foundry sand.
Hindered settling machine
Features and technology advantages of hindered settling machine
Upper cylinder and water tank.The function of upper cylinder is to form turbulent zone within it through the action of rising water, so as to make coarse and fine particles or heavy and light particles to be classified. The role of the water tank is that the water with certain pressure and flow is distributed uniformly to the bottom of the hindered settling machine.
2. Feeder. The feeder is designed to be cone-shaped and can receive the selected slurry from the desliming bucket and feed the material into the middle of the cylinder of the  hindered settling machine.
3. Executing unit. The actuator makes the stem move in a straight line within 20-40mm range.
4. Pressure detector. Pressure detector is used to detect the pressure of slurry in turbulent area.
5. Automatic control system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the hindered settling machine, a slurry gravity adjustment system is set up to control the bottom valve to carry out normal discharging.
Working principle of hindered settling machine
Hindered settling classifier is a hindered (or disturbed) settler, which forms turbulent flow in a container with rising water. The rising water enters the water tank according to the predetermined velocity and pressure, and the material is input into the equipment by the feeder. With the same particle size particles of higher specific gravity will settle faster. For the particle size of a certain range to remain suspended under the action of rising water flow, this area is called turbulent area. The larger particles or the heavier particles will cross the turbulence zone and settle, while the smaller particles or the lighter particles will not cross the turbulence zone, but float upward and overflow from the overflow weir plates and collect in the overflow groove.The pressure gauge is inserted into the slurry in the turbulent area, showing the slurry pressure. Materials are continuously sorted according to the above process.
Specification of hindered settling machine

                Model                Pulp concentration                Input size(mm)                Classification range (mm)                Capacity(t/h)                Water consumption (m³/h)                Water consumption (t)
                JSS-900                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                10-12                40-80                1.5
                JSS-1200                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                12-14                50-100                1.8
                JSS-1500                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                14-16                60-120                2.2
                JSS-1800                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                16-20                90-150                3.2
                JSS-2100                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                20-25                120-180                3.8
                JSS-2250                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                25-30                180-240                4.2
                JSS-2400                40-60%                0-5                1.0-0.1                30-40                200-320                4.6

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The process of High purity quartz sand has high requirements for classifying equipment, and high efficiency equipment can be an important guarantee for the operation of the project. Sinonine not only meets my requirements for high quality equipment, but also meets my requirements for cost performance. The cooperation between Sinonine and me will be maintained for a long time. I currently use the Hindered settling machine and Trommel screen with very stable operation, fully automatic production, and the operation cost is very low. The size range of quartz sand grading can be adjusted, it is a very perfect set of equipment.

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