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Derusting method of sand washer

In the sand washing plant, no matter the screw sand washer or the wheel sand washer, the sand washing process will inevitably contact with water, so the sand washing machine may rust, so how to remove the rust when the sand washing machine rusts? The following describes several ways to remove rust for sand washing machine.
sand washing machine
1.High pressure water derusting
High pressure water gun is used to spray and brush the rusty parts of the sand washer, and high-speed running water is used to rub the rust to remove the rust. The advantage of this rust removal method is that the dust pollution is small. In order to prevent re rusting, wet rust removal coating can be used to protect the outer surface of the sand washer.
2.Compressed air derusting
In order to achieve the purpose of derusting, a proper compressed air nozzle is installed on the sand washer, and the compressed air is used to continuously blow high-pressure air to the rusty parts. Compressed air derusting is suitable for all kinds of occasions. It has strong operability and belongs to semi mechanized operation. It can completely remove the old coating and rust. It is widely used in the maintenance process of sand washer.
screw sand washer
3.Manual derusting
Manual derusting is to use sandpaper or grindstone to manually grind the derusting part of the sand washing machine, and then respray paint and oil on the rusting part of the sand washing machine. The disadvantage of manual derusting is that the workload is huge and the efficiency is not high.
4.Chemical derusting
Chemical derusting method uses the chemical reaction principle of liquid acid and metal oxide to spray dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid on the surface of sand washer, and then dry it with rag to keep the surface of sand washer dry and smooth. Chemicals have certain corrosivity, so the derusting process should be completed by professional technicians to avoid damage to the equipment.
wheel sand washer
Although the sand washer can be used in different harsh working environment, due to the influence of rain, humidity and other factors, the sand washer will be corroded to varying degrees in the long-term production process. In order to keep the sand washer in a stable production state and prolong the service life of the sand washer, regular rust removal should be carried out on the sand washer in time.

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