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Technical requirements of quartz sand filter media

Quartz sand filter media is used to intercept particles such as colloid of suspended substances in water. Drinking water and sewage flow through quartz sand layer. Through combination with filter vessel, small suspended substances in water are blocked, thus playing a filtering role.
quartz sand filter media
Quartz sand is a high-quality multi-media filter filler. Many factories use quartz sand to treat sewage, which is easy to clean and discharge. Many factories also use quartz sand filter, which is relatively stable. After biological treatment, quartz sand media filtration and ultraviolet disinfection, the effluent quality of the sewage treatment plant reaches the standard, which plays a very important role in protecting river water quality and improving water environment quality.
The following are the technical requirements of quartz sand filter media
1.The sum of crushing rate and wear rate of quartz sand filter media shall not be greater than 3% (percentage by weight, the same below).
2.The density of quartz sand filter material should not be less than 2.55g/cm3, except for special requirements for density in use.
3. The quartz sand filter media should be free of visible soil, mica and organic impurities, and the water leaching solution of the filter media should be free of toxic substances. The content of mud should not be more than 1%, and the content of light material with density less than 2g/cm3 should not be more than 0.2%.
4.The loss on ignition of quartz sand filter media should not be more than 0.7%.
5.The hydrochloric acid solubility of quartz sand filter media should not be more than 3.5%.
We all know that quartz sand filter media is widely used in industrial wastewater, so how can we clean quartz sand filter media that it can be reused? Sinonine shares a quick way to help you clean quartz sand filter media better as follow.
Firstly, the trommel screen is used to remove some impurities with particles are larger than the quartz sand filter media, and then the desliming cone is used to remove most of the suspended solids with low density. Finally, the hydraulic classifier is used to make the quartz sand filter media particles rub each other with high-strength water pressure, so as to completely clean the quartz sand.
trommel screen
Using this method to clean the quartz sand filter media can remove most of the pollutants, and retain the effective component SiO2 in the quartz sand filter media as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of secondary utilization, avoid waste and save cost.
hydraulic classifier
Quartz sand filter media plays a filtering role, just as water penetrates into the ground through sand and stone, it blocks the suspended solids in the water, mainly for those fine suspended solids. Quartz sand filter media is suitable for single layer, double layer filter, filter and ion exchanger. Common specifications of quartz sand filter media: 0.5-1.0mm,0.6-1.2mm,1-2mm,2-4mm,4-8mm,8-16mm,16-32mm. Due to the large amount of quartz sand filter media, more and more quartz sand washing plants have been established to produce quartz sand filter media, and good economic benefits have been obtained.

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