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How to prevent the loss of fine sand in sand washing plant?

In sand washing plants, the purpose of sand washing is to remove harmful impurities such as soil and obtain clean quartz sand particles. However, sand washing is often accompanied by the removal of useful fine sand and soil, resulting in the loss of a lot of valuable fine sand, which is a great loss.
sang washing plant
In many sand washing machines, whether simply using spiral sand washing machine or wheel sand washing machine, there is a drawback, that is, the loss of fine sand, especially ultra-fine sand is serious, so how to solve this problem?
dewatering screen with hydrocyclone
In the sand washing plant, the most reliable way is to use the dewatering screen with cyclone to recover the sand lost from the sand washing machine. After the sand washing machine, a set of equipment is installed to recover the sand. This equipment is called dewatering screen with cyclone or sand washing recovery machine.
dewatering screen
Firstly, the sand discharged from the sand washing machine is dehydrated and deslimed by the dewatering screen to obtain the sand product with low water content and mud content. The mud and sand washing are processed by the hydrocyclone. The hydrocyclone uses the different specific gravity of the mud and quartz sand to recover the fine sand and discard the mud.
dewatering screen with hydrocyclone
Then, after adding a dewatering screen behind the sand washer, the sand after dewatering screen treatment will be relatively clean. The main functions of dewatering screen are dewatering, desliming and medium removal, which make up for the deficiency of sand washer. Then the fine sand can be recovered to the maximum extent, which has the dual functions of dehydration and fine sand recovery.
fine sand recover machine
The dewatering screen with hydrocyclone is one whole system, which consists of cleaning box, slurry pump, hydrocyclone, dewatering screen, slurry pipeline, etc. During the work, the sand water mixture enters the cleaning box, and is transported to the hydrocyclone by the slurry pump for sediment separation. The separated sand enters the dewatering screen from the bottom flow of the hydrocyclone for dewatering treatment. Waste water, mud, dust, impurities, etc. are discharged into tailings pond through overflow port of hydrocyclone.
Dewatering screen with hydrocyclone device is often used in modern quartz sand production line. Adding such a set of fully functional equipment behind the sand washing machine fundamentally solves the problem of fine sand loss, improves the purity of sand to a great extent, increases the yield of sand products, and improves the economic benefits of the whole sand washing plant. According to statistics, adding a low-cost fine sand recovery machine can increase the finished product output of sand washing plant by 10% - 15%, and the economic benefit is very significant.

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