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Dewatering Screen


High frequency dewatering screen is a kind of vibrating screen with high frequency and high vibration intensity. It is mainly suitable for the wet classification and solid-liquid separation of fine material below 0.5mm. Widely used in filtration and dewatering equipment industry such as beneficiation, environmental protection, tailings dry row, concentrate dewatering, slurry concentration, removal of debris, carbon slurry separation etc. This machine is particularly suitable for processing fine minerals. In addition, it can combine with hydrocyclone to be more efficient.
dewatering screen
Features and technology advantages of dewatering Screen
1. Advanced structure, small size, low noise, high dehydration efficiency
2. The screen using the polyurethane sieve plate has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, durable.
3. High vibration intensity, high frequency of work, rely on the sieve filter layer to retain the fine particles and the material layer extrusion dehydration, the realization of ordinary vibrating screen can not complete the work of large screen seam recycling fine particles.
dewatering screen
Working principle of dewatering Screen
High frequency dewatering screen adopts double vibration motor as power supply. The two motors that rotate synchronously and reversely and centrifugal force is produced by two groups of eccentric block. This makes the screen body periodical to-and-fro moving along the direction of straight line, which is for the purpose of dehydration. The screen frame is connected by the high-intensity bolts, so the structure is stable and durable.

Specification of dewatering Screen
Model Screen deck inclination Mesh size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
GZS1036 -5~-3° 0.2~0.5 10~15 2×1.1 3800
GZS1236 -5~-3° 0.2~0.5 18~65 2×2.2 4500
GZS1536 -5~-3° 0.2~0.5 30~90 2×3.0 5700
GZS1838 -5~-3° 0.2~0.5 40~120 2×7.5 6600
GZS2138 -3~-0° 0.2~0.5 60~150 2×7.5 8200
GZS2538 -3~-0° 0.2~0.5 80~200 2×11 11000

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The Dewatering Screen produced by Sinonine has a large processing capacity with dewatering and impurities removing function. It is very important for tailings treatment to be able to remove most of the moisture from fine materials with high moisture content. Sinonine has made modular design for the screen cloth, which is very convenient to replace. The material of the screen is also very wear-resistant, which can maintain the service life of more than half a year and it is very remarkable.

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