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Frac sand washing plant

Silica sand is more and more widely used as proppant in oil fracturing. Silica sand is processed through a series of technical processes to obtain silica sand that meets the requirements of oil proppant. Conventional frac sand includes 20-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 70-120 mesh, etc., meeting the needs of different stages. The raw materials of silica sand are processed by means of impurity removal, classification and dewatering to obtain silica sand products of different specifications.
Frac sand washing plant flowsheet
The technical process of frac sand washing plant

By forcing attrition scrubber to remove the impurities wrapped on the surface of the silica sand, then by sand washing machine to remove impurities, the pure silica sand shall be classified by hydraulic classifier and hindered settling machine to obtain frac sand products suitable for requirements of different particle size range, finally after dewatering process the qualified dty frac sand products shall be obtained.
Features of frac sand washing plant
1. The production line has strong applicability and can be applied to all kinds of silica sand;
2. Use strong scrubbing process to remove impurities;
3. The production line has high efficiency and can be automatic controlled;
4. Strict particle size control and automatic adjustment;
5. The product has uniform size and intact shape without damage.

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