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Quartz sand powder making plant

This system is a set of quartz powder production line, which adopts special quartz sand ball mills and air classifier as grinding and classifying equipments respectively.The quartz powder produced is of uniform particle size and pollution-free, the particle size is convenient for control, large-scale production can be realized.
quartz powder making flowsheet
Features and technology advantages of silica sand powder making
1. The ball mill and classifier are specially designed to ensure the efficient production of quartz powder;
2. The whole process is under negative pressure, which is not easy to produce dust pollution;
3. The production line adopts centralized control to reduce the labor intensity of operators.
Working principle of silica sand powder making
 After crushing the quartz sand is fed into the ball mill by the bucket hoist for grinding. After grinded by the ball mill, the quartz sand is transported to the air classifier through screw conveyor for particle size classification, and the finished products are stored in batches according to the products' particle size requirements.The automatic control system controls and adjusts the whole system to ensure the normal operation of the production line.
Quartz powder production line equipment list
Capacity (kg/h) Ball mill Air classifier Total power (kw) Product granularity(um) classifying precision Dedusting area (m2) dust concentration (mg/m3)
480-600 SQG1245 SSF50 < 75 5-50 D97 > 50 <40
720-1080 SQG1557 SSF100 < 145 5-50 D97 > 70 <40
2100-2400 SQG1870 SSF200 < 225 5-50 D97 > 100 <40
3000-3600 SQG2270 SSF400 < 345 5-50 D97 > 120 <40
4200-4800 SQG2470 SSF600 < 550 5-50 D97 > 200 <40
5000-6600 SQG2680 SSF800 < 665 5-50 D97 > 200 <40
7000-9000 SQG2611 SSF1200 < 800 5-50 D97 > 300 <40

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In the production process of silica powder, it is very important to obtain silica powder with uniform particle fineness and avoid possible iron pollution caused by the equipment. Sinonine has fully considered the process needs of silica powder in the whole system, and modified the traditional equipment to meet the needs of processing silica powder.The working efficiency of Sinonine silica sand ball mill and air classifier is very high, and the two kinds of equipment cooperate perfectly. At the same time, in order to avoid dust pollution, bag-type dust collector is employed for dust removal. The whole system is running under negative pressure, pollution free and environmentally friendly.

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