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Apron feeder


Apron feeder is important in ore feeding and conveying system. It is to transport ore to primary crusher for evenly and continuously feeding, and also for short-distance material delivery. It is especially appropriated for transporting materials with large proportion, large particle size, and strong abrasiveness, and can work reliably in the open air, humidity and other harsh conditions, and can be widely used in metallurgical, mining, cement, and building materials. Both horizontal and oblique installation is ok, with maximum installation angle of 25º.
apron feeder
Features and technology advantages of apron feeder
1. The machine has more reasonable structure, and more simple and convenient installation, disassembly, and maintenance.
2. suspension and single point floating to reduce installation error and improve the life of drive system..
3. Chain plate is in the single or double circular arc overlapping form, with impact and abrasion resistance and no leakage of materials.
Working principle of apron feeder
The driving device of apron feeder works in the way that motor drives reducer, then the cross sliding coupling & eccentric mechanism drives pawl, pawl toggling ratchet and ratchet driving the sprocket makes the feeder running. Eccentric mechanism is installed cross sliding coupling, the other end provided with the eccentric disc driving pawl and ratchet. The middle of the main driving system is equipped with two sprockets & chain mesh and drives the feeder operating. You can change the running speed of the feeder by adjusting the eccentric distance and optimal running speed can be obtained by adjustment of the eccentric wheel. Chain plate directly carries and conveys material by the driving device. Operation chain plate forms an enclosed chain through sprockets.
Specification of apron feeder
Type Model Conveyor chute width (mm) Chain wheel centre distance (mm) Max. Feeding size (mm) Feeding speed (m/s) Capacity (m³/h) Power (Kw) Weight (t)
Light BQ0810 800 10000 160 0.04-0.4 12-15 7.5 7.3
BQ1012 1000 12000 250 0.03-0.4 19-33 11 9.8
BQ1212 1200 12000 350 0.03-0.4 22-38 18.5 13.6
Medium BL0805 800 5000 300 0.02-0.2 15-40 7.5 7.2
BL0812 800 12000 300 0.02-0.2 25-50 11 14.6
BL10045 1000 4500 400 0.02-0.25 25-65 7.5 7.7
BL1012 1000 12000 400 0.04-0.1 25-55 18.5 22
BL12045 1200 4500 500 0.02-0.25 35-65 11 8.3
BL1606 1600 6000 600 0.02-0.2 40-80 15 16.3
BL1806 1800 6000 700 0.02-0.2 50-95 18.5 20.7
Heavy BZ1206 1200 6000 500 0.008-0.08 70-100 18.5 37.8
BZ1507 1500 7000 600 0.009-0.08 100-150 22 47.7
BZ1812 1800 12000 800 0.008-0.08 150-240 45 80
BZ2210 2200 10000 1000 0.005-0.02 240-320 55 83
BZ2412 2400 12000 1000 0.008-0.08 320-400 2x45 111
BWZ12045 1200 4500 500 0.008-0.08 50-100 18.5 30
BWZ1418 1400 1800 700 0.008-0.06 70-130 22 52.6

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Comments and suggestions

The apron feeder produced by Sinonine is very durable and runs smoothly with subsequent equipment. For the apron feeder, Sinonine can customize the length, width and inclination according to the terrain and the following equipment. They are experienced and very reasonable in modification to avoid a lot of trouble. For general lump materials, I suggest the use of apron feeder for feeding, because it runs smoothly with impact resistance and low failure rate, very suitable for mine use .In the cooperation with Sinonine, they have a good grasp of the whole production line and can choose more suitable equipment, which is very important.

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