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Silica sand leaching machine

In order to improve the purity of silica sand, the impurities can be effectively removed by acid pickling selected silica sand to obtain high purity silica sand. Silica sand pickling unit is a combination of equipments to together complete silica sand acid pickling process. The unit includes reaction tank, heating boiler, acid heater, acid storage tank, acid return tank, acid pump, acid fog recovery tower, pipe valve system and temperature control system.
Silica sand leaching machine
Features and technology advantages
1. Environment-friendly, the acid pickling reaction of silica sand is carried out in a closed reaction tank, without the leakage of acid gas and acid liquid, which will not cause any impact on the environment;
2.The temperature is constant during the system reaction, and the reaction effect is good;
3.Small floor space and large capacity of the reaction workshop;
4.Simple and convenient operation and less labor.
Working principle
The acid solution with required concentration and silica sand are put in the reaction tank. The boiler circularly heats the acid liquid and silica sand at a certain period of time and temperature, and then the acid solution after the reaction is discharged. High-purity silica sand can be obtained after the subsequent washing operations.

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We are the first and only company in China that can provide the turnkey project service- EPC service for quartz/silica sand processing plant. We can provide quartz/silica sand production equipment with high cost-effective. We have many silica sand production operating around the world including 46 manufacturers of quartz/silica sand, 12 glass manufacturers, 6 traders, 16 engineering companies and more than 22 construction companies.

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For quartz sand pickling, Sinonine's experience is very rich. The purification of quartz sand by pickling is a technology-intensive work. Sinonine will conduct experiments on quartz sand samples in advance, determine the concentration of chemicals used and pickling time to guide the process design and actual production.The structure of Sinonine pickling equipment is very simple and the layout is very reasonable. The whole process of production is closed and the pickling can be completed in a very short time. The production efficiency is very high and the production cost is very low. After pickling, the quartz sand has high whiteness and purity.

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